EW: Wynonna Earp boss Emily Andras talks ‘bigger, badder, better’ Season 2

June 9, 2017

With Season 2 of Wynonna Earp airing tonight on Syfy (10|9c) Emily Andras has sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that you have season 1 under your belt, and you saw how people reacted to that, how did you approach season 2?
EMILY ANDRAS: With hope and fear, in equal measure. It really is a curse and a blessing — but obviously 98 percent a blessing. I feel like it was such a delight to see the fan base fall in love with the show in the way we all love it. But I feel like there’s also certain pressures that come with, now people have expectation or hopes or desires for the show in season 2. So you have to take some of that into account, but also put some of that aside so you can tell a good story. But I feel confident in saying there’s lots of the stuff that made season 1 feel fresh and fun in season 2. Having the same tone and feeling was almost the most important thing to us.

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