Zombie War


“There is perhaps nothing more frightening than zombies — except for zombies with full awareness who can speak and carry weapons.” — Geeks of Doom


Created by Kevin Eastman.

As fighter pilot Jina patrols the skies, an unauthorized strange ship flies into her airspace and escapes before she can fire it down. Her coworkers don’t seem concerned as they tease Jina for letting the ship get away. The airbase has put out an alert for the unidentified aircraft, but even their tone seems to suggest it’s a formality—as though they are simply dealing with a pilot who broke airspace laws. But Jina senses something much deeper behind the craft’s strange appearance and sudden disappearance. This wrong feeling shakes her to the core so strongly that she takes it upon herself to seek out the ship.

In the meantime, reports flood the airways about an unidentified flying object, sending the masses into wild fits of frenzied speculation. Of course, no one wants to come right out and say the word “alien,” so the majority of folks carry on with life as normal, responding to the reports with chuckles and carefree gossip. But unbeknownst to pretty much everyone, this aircraft with a mysterious tentacled cloak, flies over each of the world’s major military cemeteries and does the unthinkable.

It raises the dead and gives them one objective: to reclaim the world above the ground.

As the dead armies invade cities, news stations now hesitate to use the word “zombie.” So instead, they report the incidents as armed terrorist attacks that no group, cult, or nation has yet claimed as their own. But Jina, the fighter pilot who refuses to close her eyes to the truth or to shy away from her instincts, tracks down the answer to the world’s madness. When she finally finds the craft, she shoots it down, pulls the tentacled alien out, and demands answers.

It’s to her great surprise that he answers the way that many of us do while defending our actions in a fight: “you started it.” He then paints a horrid tale involving one of Earth’s many satellites being sent to his world. But instead of observing, the satellite exploded, sending toxic particles into the planet’s atmosphere and killing everyone. Jina pities the alien and understands his actions, but implores his sense of morality. Instead of condemning two worlds filled with innocent civilians to destruction, can’t he help her save the one that still has a chance of survival?

In the end, the alien (now named “Spud”) reluctantly agrees. They travel to the world’s remaining military bases to discover the awful truth. The zombies aren’t your standard Hollywood zombies. They’re capable of thought, of handling weapons, and worst of all—a gunshot to the head won’t put them down. Hell, not even a tactical nuclear strike will stop the bastards. Luckily, Spud comes up with a chemical solution that will end the undead’s reanimation. But they’ll have to find someone in a position of power willing to trust them if they stand a chance to save the world.

It’s up to Spud and Jina to work together and find a way to end this terrible Zombie War. And if they don’t, only the dead will live to walk the Earth.