Yakuza Demon Killers


When a museum heist goes wrong, a damaged thief named Ochita becomes trapped in the middle of a battle between a horde of demons and the merciless Yakuza. No matter who wins, humanity loses.


Written by Amit Chauhan. Art by Eli Powell.

Ochita spends her days sitting in Tokyo’s alleys in an opiate haze and imagining death in the form of monsters. Their meetings seem inevitable as though “death has come to claim [her] for its cursed collection of oddities.” But it’s all a hallucination and Death is actually just her friend Rizzo shaking her to wake up, dear Rizzo whose new sneakers are now covered with Ochita’s vomit. He snaps her out of her stupor long enough to hire her for a job—to pick the lock of a well guarded case at the Tokyo National Museum.

It isn’t a painting, like Ochita had bitterly assumed, but a sword—an ancient katana with a brown corded hilt and a metal etched scabbard that screams otherworldly. The heist is a big deal. Not only did Rizzo hire muscle to protect him and Ochita, but he’s already got an offer for ten million dollars for their target prize. But before Ochita can even attempt to break open the lock, an alarm sounds; an alarm tripped by a group of heavily armed men interested in the same sword.

With the siren blaring, Ochita doubles down and hurriedly unlocks the case before the men arrive and just when all seems well… a third party enters. Not from a door, but from a magical gateway lit with acid blue light – they are demons with razor nails, needle teeth, and grotesque appetites who tear apart Rizzo’s hired muscle. With her adrenaline pumping and determined not to go down without a fight, Ochita draws the prize sword out of its sheath and stands ready for battle. But before she can swing, the sword comes alive, and thrusts thin brown cords from its hilt into Ochita’s arm. As Ochita screams in pain, Rizzo closes his eyes, accepting their inevitable doom.

When all seems totally lost, the gang of heavily armed men arrive and by either luck or sheer grace, these men—the yakuza demon fighters—obliterate the monsters. When the battle is over, they take Ochita to their doctor to get her sword removed. But the sword has other ideas. When Ochita is put under, it isn’t the sword that’s amputated, but rather the hand of the doctor. Only then does the Hayato, the yakuza’s leader, realize that if he wants the sword, he’ll have to take Ochita too.

Ochita is forced into a detox and trained to become yakuza while Hayato plots how to remove the sword from Ochita. And far away in a different dimension, the demons rejoice. They have lost the battle, but the sword’s possession of Ochita’s arm gives them hope to win the war. There is an ancient prophecy revolving around the sword. And if that prophecy comes to light, the leader of the demons—a terrible god—may claim a host and destroy the human world.

Will Ochita’s opiate-induced apparitions of death turn out to be visions of prophecy? Can she drown out the demons long enough to listen to her own intuition? Although Ochita fights with a supernatural katana, staying true to herself may be her strongest weapon and only defense.