A survivalist prepares for a volcanic catastrophe in Yellowstone Park. His friends think he’s lost his mind, until his predictions come true…


Written by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. Art by Derec Donovan.

What would you do if the things you used everyday suddenly stopped working? The microwave won’t heat your tamale, your smart phone won’t update your Facebook status, and your television won’t even show PBS!. Would you be prepared for a life without the conveniences of electricity… or technology … or well all things that we consider just plain life?

Jake is the ultimate “prepper.” Ever since his wife Margie left him due to his inability to keep it in his pants, Jake has been preparing for the end of times. His bunker is chock full of all the essentials – tinned food, bottles upon bottles of water, protein bars… but with one glaring exception—someone to share it with.

Hyper aware of his future loneliness, Jake constantly laments his lack of a companion with his friends Victor and Dean.. When Dean’s wife Holly jokes he’s probably got a woman stashed away down in his bunker, Jake spits out his beer, laughs, and then abruptly leaves. Later that week, Jake is unpacking even more supplies into the bunkers and we catch a glimpse of military grade MREs, boxers, and a curious crate labeled “Jezebel.”

Dean and Victor usually laugh off Jake’s crazy antics though they this time they feel pretty sure that they are inching towards an intervention. But otherwise, life goes on in their suburban neighborhood. Dean works on his yard, Victor tinkers with his old VW bus,. they tune into Netflix, argue with distant relatives on social media, ….. its just a normal lazy weekend in their leafy suburban neighborhood. And if news channels are running a story about an impending solar event, it has nothing to do with their lives.


Suddenly, everything shuts off. Turns out, the “no big deal” solar flare cast a huge electromagnetic pulse directly into the Earth’s atmosphere, which completely obliterates the power grid. Nothing works. Not the microwave, not their neighbor’s hearing aids, and not the airplanes high in the sky. Airplanes in direct path to the airport.

An airport, whose glide path is right over Victor and Dean’s cul-de-sac.

As planes fall out of the sky, Victor’s hobby vintage VW bus repair turns into a lifeline. With no electronics on board, it is the only car able to drive in an otherwise motor vehicle-less world. The two families pile in, desperate to escape the graveyard of fallen airplanes their neighborhood has quickly become. They hope to find help, but at every turn all they discover are panicked crowds and chaos. When a cop shoots a gun at them in an effort to confiscate their vehicle, they realize they have only one option:

They have to find Jake and beg him for a spot in his bunker.

It’s the end of the world as Dean and Victor know it. To survive the chaos, they must rely on the one man prepared to survive—a man who may have more than just supplies waiting in his bunker.