Triple Helix


There’s a monster on the loose in the City…but will the mysterious Changelings of triple Helix destroy it before they realize it’s really an old friend?


Created by John Byrne.

Continuing the game-changing comic Trio, Triple Helix is the sequel you knew you needed following your favorite superheroes Rock, Paper, and Scissors and their new Changeling friends as they fight the supervillains you love to hate and save their City.

In the bustling heart of the City, it’s just another crime-fighting day for Triple Helix …until a building collapses over their heads. Thankfully, the squad members are unharmed, except for Rock, who has gone missing. Before our crime fighters can blink, a hulking creature emerges from the rubble – a monster with claw-like hands, scaly skin, and a croaking voice.

Cataclysm, Triple Helix’s leader, springs into action, hurling an energy bolt at the monster, while Monkey-man Apex leaps on its back…. because surely, anything that ugly must be the enemy. But the creature is unstoppable. And while it fights back it tries desperately to explain itself – you see it isn’t a monster – it is Rock! When the building was demolished, he was transformed into the horrible creature they see. But before Rock can fully explain, Javelin, Paper, and Scissors join the fray…determined to kill him!

Meanwhile, teenaged Dart, Triple Helix’s newest member, rushes to the scene with superhuman speed when she encounters an armored, caped figure with a German accent…whose head is a skull in a glass jar. He’s Golgotha, a time-travelling supervillain created in Nazi labs who’s intent on making the world fear swastikas once more. Dart puts up a good fight, but Golgotha pulverizes her.

Trying to make sense of the chaos, on the scene reporter Liz Lanning goes over the footage that she and her team recorded, the story of her career. She sees that Golgotha brought the building down on Triple Helix and that the monster is Rock. With her cameraman in tow, she rushes to stop Triple Helix from killing their friend.

In the melee, Golgotha has taken on the rest of Triple Helix. He blasts them with fire – even Cataclysm’s most powerful energy blasts are no match for him. Just when Golgotha is about to destroy Apex, Javelin pierces his breastplate and kills him. The City is saved.

In the aftermath, the Triple Helix team finally realize that the monster is Rock. They’re happy he’s alive but how will they get him back to normal? Before they can tackle that problem, deadly robot Monitors descend from the skies…intent on destroying them. And in the hospital morgue, Golgotha’s corpse comes back to life…

Comic book legend John Byrne keeps your adrenaline racing with a “nice mix of old-school spirit and exciting action” (AiPT). Every time Triple Helix takes care of one villain, another pops up. Their fun has only just begun…