Toybox Time Machine


A catalog of the greatest toys NEVER made — but wouldn’t your world have been a better place if they had been?


Created by Marty Baumann.

Remember when you could order toys from the backs of comic books? The thrill of saving up your money, using scissors to clip out the order form, filling it out with your name and address, and sending it in with a stamp you put on yourself? Remember how it felt to wait agonizingly, sometimes for more than a month, to get that special toy in the mail–how it seemed almost magical, because you had done so much to earn that moment? Think about how that felt–and then think about all of the toys you never got because they never existed. In Toybox Time Machine, Marty Baumann, renowned production designer of Toy Story 3, Zootopia, and Big Hero 6, creates the toys that you’ve always wanted–but that were never made.

For the girls who love mystery, look for The Official Agent of M.O.D. Secret Mission Accessories Kit! Travel to foreign countries with your M.O.D. passport! Be prepared for any danger with your pistol and holster set! Discover hidden messages with the communicator and decoder! And of course dress your Holly Thorne action doll in her icon mini-skirt and boots (doll sold separately)!

A magician never reveals his tricks but maybe you can learn them on your own with Art Kenso’s Magic Puzzles! These ring tricks will keep you frustrated and entertained for days! And it’s only $2.99 to join the Art Kenson Magic Club–to learn to all the secrets to begin your path to true sorcerey!

For the kid who lives with his head in the stars… Keep time even off-planet with the Spaceman Astronaut Watch! It glows in the dark and features an astronic crystal battery! And get Starlight Clean with Astro-Soap! It has all the bubbles for a bathtime take-off! And it won’t sting your eyes!

If you live in Shadow Mansion with TV’s most famous vampire, Julian Karswell, you’ll need all of the best in undead fashion. Drink the blood of unsuspecting mortals in style carrying a skull cane and wearing a bat ring–and of course, bearing your sharp vampire fangs! Or if being a vampire isn’t spooky enough, create new creepy, ghoulie friends with the Weird Workshop Accessory Monster Head Molds! With the official MonsterGoo compound, you can make your own monstrous creatures to skulk around your home!

With all the color and excitement of the true toys of the 1960s, Toybox Time Machine transports you back to the exciting days of your childhood, when the toys that arrived at your door could brighten your day, fill you with awe–and transport you to someplace else altogether.