The Pound


“While it’s not completely tame, as it’s wrapped in supernatural elements, “The Pound” is essentially about two guys down on their luck. Considering the state of the current economy in the United States, this title comes along at a great time.” —


Written by Stephan Nilson. Art by Karl Waller.

The city of Cleveland has gotten a lot stranger lately. Once, thieves and thugs prowled the streets. But lately, when the sun goes down, furry creatures have been terrorizing back alleys. With pointy ears, razor-sharp fangs and claws, and glowing red eyes …

Meanwhile, seasoned animal control technician Scott Allison and his rookie associate Howard “Howie” Lynch have just been laid off. Partly because of budget cuts … but mostly because Scott is kind of obnoxious. Howie suggests that they start their own dog catching business and even though Howie’s a weird kid, Scott takes him up on his offer. Afterall, it’s not like he has anything better to do.

The first two weeks has them mostly chasing rats and raccoons – child’s play for these pros. But then one night during a full moon, they receive a phone call about a large dog trapped in a high school. But this dog turns out to be a lot bigger and smarter than what they’re used to. After a wild chase that lasts all night, they finally capture it … and it transforms into a naked young man.

His name is Darnell, and he’s the scion of a powerful cabal of werewolves..,of which his vicious father, Dante, is the Alpha Male. And just when you thought werewolves were enough, it turns out that Cleveland is a hotbed for monsters – it’s crawling with broody vampires and Swamp Thing. Under Dante, a council of elders rule the monsters and plot to wipe out all humans and rule the world.

The council tells Dante that two humans have kidnapped his son. And imply that he’s friendly with his captors and has been telling them monster secrets. Dante refuses to accept that Darnell is a traitor. He knows that Darnell is aware of his destiny. And that he won’t interfere with the council’s plans to dominate humans. If he knows what’s good for him …

To avoid hurting humans, Darnell asks Scott and Howie to keep him locked up until the end of the full moon cycle, when he will return to his human form. Scott and Howie agree. At night, after he transforms into a werewolf, they pull out everything in their bag of tricks to keep him from escaping. Tranquilizer guns … electrified cages … doggie treats.

When Scott’s wife Jennifer figures out what is going on, she’s furious – and not just because Scott is babysitting a monster that could kill them all but also because with one swipe of his claws Darnell could infect them, turning them into werewolves themselves. Scott explains that Darnell is his only link to a monster conspiracy that could destroy humanity for good. To protect his family, Scott must stay close to Darnell and help turn the monsters towards a desire to live with humans rather than destroy them. His business with Howie takes a new direction – helping unregistered monsters integrate into human society. They call themselves “The Pound.”

A lightning-fast romp that blends gory action with sly humor. Scott never wanted to fight monsters and unravel werewolf conspiracies. But somebody needs to be a hero. And if he doesn’t step up to the plate, then who will? Whether Darnell can resist his loyalties to Dante and the monster cabals is another story …