The Heretic


Created by Joe Philips and Dexter Vines.

From the mind of artist Joe Phillips (Superboy, Timber Wolf) comes The Heretic, a dark superhero who’s had enough of mercy. When a witch, a demon and an angel conspire to make him their champion, he must delay his search for vengeance of his wife’s murder to save his city.

Crime and corruption rule the crowded Terceron City. The city’s only defense is a team of superheroes called Allegiance. Led by The Heretic’s son, Intrepid, the Allegiance fights back the scum and the villains, and their strict code of honor is a shining beacon to the citizens. The Heretic reluctantly works with them, but finds their rules pointless and restrictive. After the senseless murder of his wife, his patience for their code breaks when Intrepid thwarts The Heretic’s opportunity to avenge the death of his wife and Intrepid’s mother. Frustrated by the Allegiance’s overbearing definition of honor, The Heretic breaks out on his own – no longer willing to be bound by their simplistic morality.

Ruling Terceron is a rich and powerful sorceress named Lamia Apocrypha who schemes to control a mysterious and potent relic, the Ba Ha Lynda. The relic’s protectors, Mama Shant, wisecracking demon Rakshasas, and righteous angel Uriel, are searching for a hero to stop Lamia from claiming the artifact and destroying the city.

With nothing holding him back, The Heretic hunt for his wife’s murderer crosses him with Lamia Apocrypha’s hunt for the relic. Mama Shant and her allies rescue him and bind him to their cause with magic. Imbued with new power, The Heretic now fights to stop ‘Hell on Earth’ from becoming more fact than metaphor.

The Heretic is Batman with The Punisher’s conscience and Hellboy’s problems. He straddles the line between good and evil bringing a brutal justice to his beloved city.