The Ghoul


LA Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt finds himself in the middle of a twisted mystery that falls way outside the his pay-grade, needing a different kind of help than he’s used to, he turns to The Ghoul, a monstrous investigator with a reputation for solving the world’s weirdest crimes.


Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.

Hellboy meets The X-Files in The Ghoul, the last installment of the Monstrous Mutliverse Trilogy from horror veterans Steve Niles and the late Bernie — a hulking monster teams up with a detective to solve paranormal crimes involving demons, bloodlust, and secret deals with the devil.

LAPD detective Lloyd Klimpt thinks he’s seen everything until he’s assigned a partner has seen a whole lot more. Weird times call for weird measures—when your new partner is The Ghoul who’s been around for the better part of the last century and then some. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, its not a nickname. He’s an actual monster with glowing eyes, big teeth, and an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

Thankfully the Ghoul doesn’t eat people, but he does mercilessly razz “norms” like Klimpt any chance he gets — calling Klimpt “Agent Tightass” and telling him that his service pistol is adorable. The Ghoul has been working with the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation for the past hundred years, and unsolvable ghoul-ish (pun intended) mysteries are all in a day’s work for him.

On their first case together the duo is sent out to investigate the Atwoods, a Hollywood dynasty of actresses who all look exactly alike. As they dig deeper into the case they learn that the family has been hiding under different names for ten generations. Is every Atwood a clone? Or are they all the same person? The Ghoul has a feeling that there’s more to the story, and together he and Klimpt are going to find the truth.

Mixing neo-noir with straight up gore, The Ghoul follows a monster and a man as they dive into the shadows and fight darkness. For the Ghoul, going head to head with demons is no big deal, but Klimpt is finally seeing the world’s true underbelly and there’s no turning back.