The Electric Sublime


Written by W. Maxwell Prince. Art by Martin Morazzo.

In order to save humanity, two people (and a living wooden mannequin) will have to take down a powerful group intent on turning the world into a blank canvas. The Matrix meets the Metropolitan Museum of Art in The Electric Sublime, a kaleidoscopic thriller filled with tragically complex characters and mind bending plot twists in a vividly imagined parallel world where famous works of art come to life – literally.

Across the globe, police are puzzled by a series of strange, art-related crimes: two homeless men kill each other fighting over a print of Andy Warhol’s soup can; an entire art class cuts out their tongues; parents cast their children in hot bronze; — The only link between these terrible incidents? A simple drawing of a winking face.

At first, investigators have no idea what to make of all of it, but when, from her wall in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa is found winking too, they quickly realize the CIA doesn’t have the tools to solve this mystery – enter stage left the Bureau of Artistic Integrity.

Margot Breslin, the brand spanking new director of the Bureau of Artistic Integrity, is a no-nonsense government employee who doesn’t let anything stop her from doing her job. When she realizes that the Mona Lisa wasn’t replaced and actually is winking, she knows instantly that she’s going to need a special ally to get to the bottom of this art caper. Art Brut, a dream painter who can step through pieces of art into a world where famous pictures, portraits, and sculptures come to life – a world called the Electric Sublime. Margot desperately needs Art – the only problem is that the same abilities that make him her clutch player have landed him in a mental institution.

But Margot is not about to let a diagnosis of bipolar disorder with a side of schizophrenia stop her from closing these cases, so she springs Art from the Institution along with his assistant Manny, a small wooden mannequin who inside the Electric Sublime tranforms into a 7′ 6” tall beret-wearing badass, and the trio set off to save the world. Together they’ll interview Edward Hopper’s cafe customers and seek audience with the horrified figure in the Scream as they work to crack what’s going on inside the art world that’s inspiring people in the real world to kill each other in horrific ways.

They’ll have to hurry though, because the Electric Sublime itself is in danger — A mysterious group has taken control of a young boy who is also a dream painter, and they’re using him to erase the world of art from the inside, one famous work at a time – and along with it the shared cultural moments and feelings these works have created.

Part police procedural, part fantasy, part psychological thriller — The Electric Sublime is a layered mystery that explores the power of art to shape our shared values through one man’s struggle to overcome his personal demons.