The Dreamer


Created by Lora Innes.

Beatrice Whaley always wanted to meet the man of her dreams, she just didn’t know it would be so literal! The rich teen drama of The OC collides with the all-out historical action of Outlander in The Dreamer, a coming-of-age story from award-winning creator Lora Innes about priorities, choices, and how sometimes chasing a dream comes with a heavy cost.

Meet 17-year-old Beatrice “Bea” Whaley. To her cousin John she’s a drama queen, to her friends she’s a lovable loudmouth unafraid to speak her mind, to her teachers she’s a daydreamer with her head in the clouds. The one thing they can all agree on is that Bea has a bright future ahead of her. Senior year has just begun and she’s already planning on nabbing the lead in the school play and maybe finally scoring a date with Ben Cato, the handsome jock she’s been crushing on since eighth grade who’s taken quite the interest in drama club (and maybe Bea too)…

One night, Bea stops dreaming of the future and begins dreaming of the past—the 1700s, to be exact. In her dream, Bea finds herself in the passionate embrace of Alan Warren, a soldier in the American Revolutionary War. Alan is a ruggedly handsome apple-farmer-turned-elite-soldier in the American Rangers. At first, the dreams seem like pleasant fantasies, but soon each one is picking up right where the last one left off…and they’re becoming more and more vivid.

Soon, Bea is spending her nights fighting for the survival of her new dream boyfriend AND the survival of a new nation in their battle against the British Crown (all while in the hoop skirt of a proper lady, no less). But standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the heroes of the American Revolution makes the ins-and-outs of senior year feel like a drag, and it isn’t long before everyone around Bea starts to notice that she’s a little absent.

Filled with drama, betrayal, action, and a healthy dose of humor, The Dreamer is a fresh new take on a coming-of-age journey about a girl navigating the treacherous path from her carefree childhood to responsibilities of the real-world while simultaneously exploring what it means to be an American.. How much is Bea willing to give up for a man that she’s not even sure is real? She’s about to find out.