The Cryptics


Written by Steve Niles. Illustrated by Benjamin Roman.

Meet The Cryptics… just your average neighborhood crew of child monsters.

There is Drac Jr., the self-named kingpin of the monstrous neighborhood kids. Drac spends his afternoons practicing his ‘scary face’ in the mirror (despite being unable to see his reflection) and plays war in his bedroom against bats dropping missiles from the sky. His mother, Miss Feratu, has a tough time keeping the noise down but she can usually tempt him into quiet with Lunchables and Sunny Delight.

His BFF, Sea-boy, is the neighborhood boss of waterfights. He wears an aquarium helmet of water when he’s away from his pool, but luckily his friends can understand him through the bubbles. Most of the time he can be found hanging with his pals, but sometimes, when he needs a moment to think, he’ll walk his pet seahorse around the block.

Little Jackie Jekyll is the group’s outcast but he brings it on himself by reminding everyone how smart he is all the time. After all, he is the son of Dr. Jekyll (the smartest man alive). His twinsie, Hyde, fits in a bit more smoothly—probably because he has equally weird habits like eating footballs and punting penguins.

Rounding out the group is Wolfy…you guessed it, the son of a werewolf and Frankenstein’s bride. His mom doesn’t quite understand his dietary needs, so she often buys him and her husband dog treats from the dollar store. Yet, he embraces his lupine nature. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to stay up all night howling at the moon?

Together, this fearsome foursome of the cul-de-sac get into all kinds of trouble embarking on wild adventures…you know, typical kid stuff like teleporting to limbo dimensions and traveling to Antarctica to fight penguins and a murderous Santa Claus…And just like most kids, sometimes they even pick on each other. But no matter where they go or what crazy predicaments they get themselves into, this monster crew always sticks together!