The Colonized: Zombies Vs. Aliens


Written by Chris Ryall. Art by Drew Moss.

UFO’s crashing, hillbilly shootouts and zombie cows (yeah, you heard me) – if anyone were laying odds, betting on the humans would be a mistake.

Having grown disenchanted with the American Dream, the citizens of Carbon Falls, Montana strike out on their own and secede from the United States years back to escape the country’s troubles – and boy, were there troubles. But living off the grid comes with it’s own set of problems.

Huxley Robertson is dealing with the passing of his father (from whom he inherited leadership of Carbon Falls) and is pushing up against old guard objections as he attempts to move the separatist camp into becoming a fully sustainable town so they are prepared for a future of full independence. His leadership position is challenged by Randy Grist and his militia who believe sustainability is found in military training and preparedness, and they want none of that composting shit. It’s a conflict that simmers just under everyone’s skin leaving the separatist town in a state of constant tension.

As if circumstances weren’t volatile enough, a craft full of alien explorers inadvertently re-animates the town’s dead… all the town’s dead… Hux’s dad, departed livestock, and everyone’s Old Yellers! accidentally starting a zombie invasion. Throw a rogue ATF agent into the mix, on the hunt for the town’s weapons cache, and let’s just say this is a bad time for the otherwise sleepy Carbon Falls Collective to be cut off from the outside world.

Hux hopes to work with the aliens to reverse whatever they did to the human and livestock corpses. But the Aliens don’t seem to really know anything – they’re not quite bumbling, since they did make it here from another world, but the captain of the ship is more interested in becoming famous on his planet for making this journey than anything else, so he hasn’t taken every proper precaution he maybe should have…

Meanwhile, Randy and his militia start shooting anything alien and decaying in the face… which goes about as well as you imagine it would. And for the cherry on top of this doomsday Sunday, an ATF agent just happened to pick this particular night to case the town for illegal activity – having been tipped off by a local about the militia. Instead of finding a weapons cache, he finds close encounters of the dead and a night of the living aliens. Guess who’s getting a promotion (that is, if he survives long enough to report this to his superiors)?

It’s a toss-up as to who has a better chance of beating the zombie horde; but one thing’s for sure, if they don’t put their egos aside and start working together, its likely no one will survive.