The Army of Dr. Moreau


Written by David F. Walker. Art by Carl Sciacchitano.

Sometimes the most vicious monsters aren’t monsters at all… From David Walker and Carl Sciacchitano comes this haunting new take on H.G. Wells’ unforgettable classic. Named one of Buzzfeed’s 19 Indie Comics That You Need to be Reading, The Army of Dr. Moreau tackles medical experimentation, the atrocities of war, and darkly probes the age old question, “What makes us human?”

In 1939 London, Winston Churchill has sent two MI6 spies to meet with H.G. Wells – why you ask? Well, British Intelligence has learned of Nazi experiments happening on an island southwest of the Galapagos. These experiments are eerily similar to those carried out by Wells’ fictional character – Dr Moreau. Seems crazy until Wells tell MI6 that Dr. Moreau was based on a real mad scientist: the late Dr. Meraux, and perhaps the Nazis have uncovered his work?

There is only one man who can help MI6 navigate the island: John Prentiss, the inspiration for Wells’ Prendick. Prentiss still bears the scars of his last encounter with Meraux’s creatures (who incidentally still live on that southwest island) and the years have not been kind. But in these uncertain times he knows the Nazis cannot go unchecked, so Prentiss agrees to travel to the island and put an end to these monstrosities once and for all.

Meanwhile on the island, Nazi Commandant Metzger secretly leads a research team creating soulless mutants for the Reich. Hoping to make super soldiers, he skips a couple of Dr Meraux’s steps and forgoes bestowing any moral law on his own creatures. Meraux was a monster that created monsters but he was careful to make it clear to them: one must not kill man.

The Nazis are not so careful and without this guiding rule the Commandent’s monsters attack and feed on one of his own men. Metzger realizes he does not have control over these creations and his only salvation lies in the watchful eyes of Meraux’s creatures that hidden in the trees have witnessed it all. Enraged at the sight of the murder of a man, the slightly moral monsters must punish the immoral monsters.

As Prentiss leads the MI6 team to the island, they land in the middle of a brewing war between the two monster factions. Faced with a dead madman’s moral code and their own mortality, the team finds themselves in a nightmarish war with savage animals that think they are men.

A mystery full of harrowing twists and turns, this spiritual sequel explores a world that blends the villains of Captain America and the dark science of Jurassic Park. In The Army of Dr. Moreau, even abominations can find redemption, brilliance can turn to blindness, and good men can fall to madness.