Skate Farm


A SoCal mash up of teenage hijinx, cosmic conspiracy, pirate street gangs and fast-paced action as an outsider teen, a skating professional, a troublemaker and an overachiever abscond with otherworldly enhanced boards.


Created by Danny Neiman, John Stauffer, and Barzak.

Dylan is a troubled kid with a rough family life. His parents are out of the picture, and he and his little brother live with their uncle–who’s prone to getting drunk and violent. After trying to steal from TigerKlaw, Huntington Beach’s famous skateshop, Dylan is offered a job by Tommy, the former pro skater who owns the store. Dedicated to offering a safe space for kids with no one else to look after them, Tommy runs a skate camp every summer, providing at-risk kids a place to go and something constructive to do during the summer.

When a group of crazy, superpowered villains who call themselves the Dirty Deeds get into a firefight with another mysterious group, the PBJ, — the skate shop is caught in the crossfire and is burned to the ground. In the melee, the shop ends up with a box of unusual skateboards–skateboards Tommy has never seen before and which he cannot possibly know the importance of yet.

In a twist of fate and good fortune, the insurance money from the fire allows Tommy to build the skate park of his dreams–the perfect place for wayward kids to come together and find a community during his skate camp. The unusual group of young people–Dylan, Tre, Rosie, and Shin–are all very different, and they struggle to fit in and find a place for themselves. But when Dylan chooses a skateboard from a marked box in the warehouse, the new friends are in for an even bigger adventure than a skate park all to themselves could ever offer them.

You see, the Dirty Deeds know where the skateboards are–and they’re coming to retrieve them. Led by Ali Baba–who has been taking orders from an antenna on his forehead–the group of psychopaths and monsters want their prize–and they don’t care about hurting a bunch of teenagers, as long as they get what they’re after. When Dylan escapes an attack on the skate park, taking the magic skateboard with him, Ali Baba goes after him–but his friends remain captured in the hands of his minions, Unmedicated Sara–an unhinged woman with a sword and an army of sentient disposable cameras, Kill/Gore–a nearsighted centaur with a fabulous mustache and a giant mullet, and Spork–a creature with a pig head and human body who has a lot of thoughts of religion. After tying up the teenagers, the villains demand to know where the skateboards are–and Tre finally takes Unmedicated Sara to find them, using the opportunity alone with her to knock her unconscious.

When the PBJ show up, the Dirty Deeds abandon their posts guarding the skaters to fight them, unwilling to see their plans foiled again. Left unguarded and with their new skateboards in hand, they make their escape–with Unmedicated Sara hot on their trail.

With all the attitude of SoCal skater culture wrapped up with sci-fi shenanigans, Barzak’s Skate Farm is what happens when a few punk teenagers and screw-ups accidentally get their hands on some magic skateboards, get caught up in a fight they can’t begin to understand–and get a chance to save the world.