Satellite Falling


Written by Steve Horton. Art by Stephen Thompson.

The only thing that could stop humans from building walls between each other was the discovery of other living beings in outer space. Out of irrational fear, the people of Earth maintain a human-only planet with violent militias and an interplanetary shield designed to prevent aliens from entering. Banned from our world, incredible creatures from all across the galaxy gather in Satellite, a city-sized space station near our planetary system. With a population of 75,000 beings from over 100 different races, Satellite has its fair share of villainy and vice, but it is also home to many fleeing interplanetary conflict or just trying to make a better life for their families.

Satellite Falling is a sharp social commentary about tribalism and the horrors of xenophobia set in a seedy future of amazing technology, sentient aliens, and familiar prejudices that mankind has yet to escape. When tensions between aliens and humans in the border city of Satellite are at their breaking point, one woman’s world begins to fall apart as the dark secrets of her past come back to haunt her.

Lilly is the only known human being on Satellite. Looking for a change after the death of her girlfriend Eva, Lilly moved to the space station three years ago and now spends her days driving a cab while lost in her own thoughts. Or at least that’s her cover story. In reality, Lilly is a bounty hunter who uses her advanced combat skills and powerful holographic disguises to take down the thieves and killers that run wild across Satellite. Finally in a place where her world makes sense again, Lilly is about to find out how easily old wounds can be ripped open when she agrees to help her sometimes-booty call Captain Zaim, an amphibian-like alien police officer who can change its sex at will, in a sting operation against a group flooding the streets with a powerful new drug.

Lilly and Zaim’s investigation reveals that the drugs are tied to a mysterious person with connections to every major criminal organization on Satellite. Much to their surprise, it’s a human – and whoever it is looks exactly like Lilly’s dead girlfriend Eva. Confused, enraged, and unsure how much of her life has been a lie, Lilly will enlist the aid of a ragtag crew of alien mercenaries to track down this criminal mastermind and find out the truth. But as she fights her way through Satellite’s underworld, she’ll uncover a plot that could doom every being in Satellite that’s tied to the ugly past she left behind on Earth.

One woman’s struggle with tragedy and the weight of her own past is a lens through which we examine prejudice in a rapidly-changing world. An imaginative landscape filled with human drama, dazzling action, and sharp social commentary, Satellite Falling is a series that will delight fans of intelligent, character-driven science fiction.