Real Science Adventures


“I mean who doesn’t want to see sharpshooter Annie Oakley, a Taoist monk, and the real wizard of Menlo team up against a triumvirate of unscrupulous industrialists?” – Caffeine Forge


Written by Brian Clevinger.

A day that promises to inspire intellectual pursuits at the World’s Columbia Fair in 1893 turns to mayhem. Black coated figures shoot at Nikola Tesla on stage and steal his harmonic oscillator. When Tesla pursues the rogues only to find the oscillator unharmed on the roof, he discovers their true target: a teleautomatic control unit that can operate vessels via radio waves. It’s a technology that could revolutionize the industry and world… or it could become a devastating instrument of war.

To figure out the dastardly plot behind the theft, the Centurions of Science join forces, including Nikola Tesla – The Mastermind; George Westinghouse – The Industrialist; Annie Oakley – The Sharpshooter; Wong Kei-Ying – The Martial Artist; Ehri “Harry Houdini” Weisz – The Escapist; Charles Fort – The Investigator; and Winfield Scott Lovecraft – The Secret Agent.

The group pools their information together and a disturbing pattern emerges. A train, holding Tesla’s technology, was nearly stolen by figures in black coats until Kei-Ying and Oakley blew up their operations. Houdini infiltrated an “abandoned” pier in New York where black coat thugs swarmed the docks. Lovecraft and Fort snuck into an accounting firm that services the city’s richest families. The sinister truth discovered in the docks’ and firm’s paperwork is as alarming as the discovery of tunnels—a network of underground passages that could transport an army of black coats without hinder.

It all adds up to one conclusion: the three richest men in New York City are plotting to overthrow the United States government, weakened by the Financial Crisis of 1893, and replace it with their rule. Jack Wright, steel and steam engine magnate; Franklin Reade Jr., firearms and artillery pioneer; Robert Trydan, head of the black coats—an organization disguised as a detective agency. They are powerful. They are rich. They are the Triumvirate.

Together, the Centurions of Science must outsmart the crafty Triumvirate, outmaneuver the legion of black coats, and outpace the ticking of the clock. Because if they don’t get Tesla’s inventions back soon, the Triumvirate will inflict mayhem on Manhattan. And with the current government too mired in debt to offer solutions, the citizens will be begging for the strong and wealthy rule of the Triumvirate.

Will the Centurions of Science take back Tesla’s inventions? Or will they be too late to stop the Triumvirate’s quest for dominance? The age old clash of science, power and greed plays out against the backdrop of a United States struggling to overcome a financial crisis and reconnect with it’s identity.