Phoenix Without Ashes


Created by Harlan Ellison. Illustrated by Alan Robinson.

From Harlan Ellison, one of the most prolific, decorated, and important science fiction writers of all time, comes Phoenix Without Ashes, a New York Times bestselling graphic novel that introduces an immersive science fiction world unlike any you’ve ever seen. One man must struggle for the survival of the entire human race after discovering that everything he’s ever known has been a lie.

2785 AD. The people of Cyprus Corners have built a simple, agrarian society on fertile farmland beneath a metal sky. Fanatically religious, for centuries they have worshiped a mysterious being called the Creator, which dictates every aspect of life in Cyprus Corners by delivering directives to the town’s Elders via a talking computer called Creator’s Machine.

Devon is a young man in love with the beautiful Rachel, who was promised to his friend Garth at birth. While trying to plead his case to the Creator’s Machine behind the Elders’ backs, Devon accidentally discovers that the Creator’s Machine is all a lie — the Elders have been feeding it words the entire time. Caught in the act, Devon flees the town and seeks refuge in the woods, where he falls into a mysterious hatch. Certain he’s falling to his death, Devin finds himself alive and well in a metal corridor with a window looking out onto a sky he’s never truly seen. Initially thinking he’s lost his mind, Devon is even more distraught when he learns the truth from the ship’s computer system – that the world he thought he knew is just one of many biospheres that make up a ship called the Ark.

Built before the Earth was destroyed hundreds of years ago, the Ark is a spaceship over 1,000 miles long comprised of 450 biospheres, each one with a different community inside. Launched from the dying Earth with 3,000,000 people and enough supplies for the centuries-long journey to the next habitable planetary system, the Ark was supposed to be humanity’s grand survival, but it may just end up being their metal coffin. Soon after launch, a mysterious event killed the crew of the Ark and disrupted communication between the spheres, which grew apart into different societies as the centuries passed. Flying without a pilot for hundreds of years, the ship is on a collision course with a supernova that will destroy the last of mankind unless Devon can figure out how to take control of the ship.

In order to save the human race, Devon needs to convince people of what’s happening. But 500 years of isolated development have created rigid societies that would rather see Devon executed as a heretic than believe the truth. Pursued by the Elders of Cyprus Corners and Rachel’s spurned betrothed Garth, Devon will travel through the corridors and biospheres of the ship, trying to find a way to change course while also uncovering the secrets of Vasator, the mysterious force that destroyed the earth.

What would you do if you found out everything you knew was a lie? What would you do if the people you needed to save wanted you dead? Filled with mind-bending twists and diverse new worlds, Phoenix Without Ashes is a breathtaking journey through a science fiction world where anything can happen and nothing is as it seems.