October Faction


Created by Steve Niles and Damien Worm.

October Faction, from the legendary Steve Niles, is a refreshing take on family, horror, and the monsters we become when we disconnect from each other.

Twenty years ago, Fredrick and his wife Deloris retired from monster hunting to focus on family. Now settled in a quiet university town Fredrick works towards tenure and Deloris raises their two kids, Geoff and Vivian. But remaining hidden from 30 years of monster enemies in sleepy suburbia with two rebellious teenagers and an increasingly moody wife has left Frederick feeling unfulfilled and wistful.

As most dads do, he wants to protect his kids and keep them out of harm’s way, so Fredrick forbids Geoff and Vivian from following in his arcane footsteps. Now, we all know what happens when you tell two teenagers not to do
something. Geoff carves a magic binding circle in his room and with Vivian’s help summons a dark evil creature from his closet.

Unfortunately, Fredrick is not impressed with Geoff’s tinkering. PLUS he totally ruined the floor. Mom is going to blow her top! Wait a second … where’s Mom? Fredrick suspects that his wife Deloris is having an affair with another ex-monster hunter, but as it turns out, things are not at all as they seem when you have this more that your fair share of monsters in your closet.

Before you know it, Fredrick and family are embroiled in assault, murder, secret grave digging (it builds character!), monsters released from stasis, daddy issues, crosses, double-crosses and werewolves.

A modern mash-up of The Addams Family and Buffy, October Faction takes place in a world where the scariest monsters are often of our own making.