Night Owl Society


“It’s like Justice League meets The Breakfast Club with the aesthetic and danger of The Departed, navigated by an awkward group of teenagers.” — All Comic


Written by James Venhaus. Art by Pius Bak.

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, a metropolitan city that still has a touch of that cowboy spirit; where everything is bigger than big and kids are forged into adults on the football field. It’s the kind of place where the feeble and lanky find themselves pushed into a locker. But bulky, crude athletes aren’t the biggest problem a misfit teen may face in Dallas. The mob has set up shop and is trafficking drugs across the state using the deliciously unassuming front of a vending machine business. Business is running smoothly for the mob, until they’re faced with a threat much greater than the police: a group of high schoolers who had nobody until they found each other.

David Foxworth is a bookish misfit at St. Cuthbert High School who finds himself desperately alone when his best (and only) friend is killed by a mysterious mob boss known as the Viceroy. David knows who murdered his friend. The police know too, but campaign contributions and dirty money cloud their desire to bring the Viceroy to justice. Frustrated, angry, and utterly powerless, David draws upon the lessons taught to him by his recently deceased mom and decides to take matters into his own hands. But he can’t take on the mob alone, so he recruits a motley group of talented, strong-willed high school teenagers: big, goofy, loveable jock A.J., witty, genius hacker Darsh, composed and cool troublemaker Laura, and tough athlete (with a mind to match) Sarah. Alone they were outcasts, loners, and losers, but together they’re a force to be reckoned with – the Night Owl Society.

As the Viceroy’s operations escalate, more innocent bystanders fall victim to his greed and violence. The only thorn in his side is the mysterious Night Owl Society, who take on danger the police won’t even touch. With their head-strong devotion to justice and their remarkable, diverse set of skills, the Night Owl Society send a firm message: they will not stop until they have found justice. But one of the Night Owl members is hiding a secret that if unraveled, would not only destroy the team but would deliver them right into the blood-soaked hands of the Viceroy himself.

The Breakfast Club meets The Sopranos in Night Owl Society, a Mafioso thriller that Pop Mythology called “a brilliantly complex story that masquerades as a youth-based comic.” A coming-of-age story filled with mystery, camaraderie, and danger, Night Owl Society is a fast-paced thriller about the cost of fighting for what you believe in and the limitations of friendship and trust.