Night of 1,000 Wolves


Night of 1,000 Wolves follows a single family on the worst night of their lives, beginning with a portent written in the stars. Soon a single wolf attacks, then another, and before long 1,000 wolves are scratching at the shepherd’s door.


Written by Bobby Curnow. Art by Dave Wachter.

A single wolf attacks, then another, and before long 1,000 wolves are scratching at the door of a shepherd’s cottage. Now a small family must run for their lives to escape an ageless evil, the fate of their community hanging in the balance.

Long ago, a small village protected their community and their livestock by trapping and killing the wolves that lived in the woods around them. Stricken by grief at the deaths of her children and bent on vengeance against the humans that killed them, Nagbre, the Wolf Mother of the Forest, unleashes her rage upon the villagers in the form of her firstborn pups–giant wolf-creatures able to walk on their hind. To protect his family and neighbors from any further carnage, a man in the village comes forward to offer Nagbre a deal: in exchange for the lives of her children that were already taken, she can have the soul of his firstborn when he reaches adulthood.

We will know that man as Jonus and our story begins years later with his warning of impending danger — that Nagbre is returning, seeking vengeance for the death of her children. But of course, who would believe him?

Siblings Rary and Brinn walk together through the woods, collecting berries and laughing together. The two children don’t expect any danger; they have grown up in these woods, leading a peaceful farm life with their parents and grandfather. So when Brinn runs ahead to look for better berry bushes, her brother thinks nothing of it, until he sees the wolf tracks… and a moment later, a scream. He runs over the hill to find his sister dead, with two enormous wolves standing over her body, blood on their jaws. He nearly becomes their next victim, but his father, Harrick Benjyon, jumps in to save him, driving the wolves off with an axe.

The Benjyon family retreats to their home and locks the doors, grieving for Brinn and grateful that Rary is alive. When night falls, they hear a scratch at the door…then another… and then another. A pack of wolves descends on their house howling and gnashing for their intended victim.

When the first wave of wolves lets up, the fellow villages and neighbors help the Benjyon family to escape to a refuge on the other side of the woods, where they hope to be safe behind a high wall from the monstrous creatures that follow close on their heels. Only once they are past the gate does Harrick find out the truth, as Jonus and the old men of the village confess to him what they have known all along: Harrick, son of Jonus, is the firstborn son, whose soul was promised to Nagbre when he was only a baby.

Now Harrick must make a choice: Does he continue to fight against the wolves, hoping that the strength of their numbers and the protection of the wall will keep them from harm? Does he give himself up to Nagbre in order to protect his family and his community?

A gruesome, action-packed tale of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of a father’s betrayal. No man can outrun his fate, not even one with determination and a family to protect. Harrick Benjyon finds the wolves closing in on him no matter where he turns and no matter how much help he receives. Both brutal and melancholy, Night of 1,000 Wolves considers the harrowing, and terrible, position of a man who must make a choice to protect his family: will he fight for them or leave them forever in order to save them?