Next Men


The Next Men are a group of genetically engineered super-humans that grew up in a virtual environment. They are not heroes in the conventional sense but try to do the right thing based on the limited knowledge they possess of the real world.


Created by John Byrne.

What happens when five superheroes, raised from birth in a virtual world, are suddenly unleashed upon the real world? Time travel, reality-warping, and general chaos! From John Byrne, legendary artist of X-Men and Superman, comes John Byrne’s Next Men–a whirlwind adventure in which superhumans tumble through time, manipulated by an unseen enemy, unable to find their way home.

Nathan, Jasmine, Jack, Bethany, and Danny grew up in the Greenery, a sunny paradise lush with gardens and trees. There, they live carefree lives, playing and frolicking and using their superpowers for fun. But this dream world is a lie–a virtual reality built by scientists! As they reach adulthood, the group suddenly awakens inside a laboratory, sleeping in pods and wearing hospital gowns. Confused and afraid, they discover that they were all adopted as babies as part of a secret project to create superhumans! As the scientists conducted experiments on their genetic makeup, the five children remained sedated in comas, developing in the simulated world of the Greneery.

Now, as the Next Men, they are the most powerful beings in the world. Nathan, the no-nonsense team leader, has enhanced eyes that allow him to see an unimaginable spectrum of light. Then there’s Jasmine, or “Jazz” to her friends–a sexy super-acrobat, capable of extraordinary physical feats and intensely protective of her friends. Jack has super-strength, but he is often unable to control it and fears hurting those he cares for. Bethany, solemn and quiet, is indestructible, which has its drawbacks: one touch to her razor-sharp hair can slice off a person’s fingers, and she is unable to feel physical sensations. Danny, a comic book fanatic, can run at lightning speeds.

Their abilities, even more powerful than they ever were in their dream world, come with responsibilities. With government agent Tony Murcheson as their handler, they assume their duty as the superheroes they were created to be and attempt to come to terms with a world much harsher than the paradise of their childhood. A world where their actions can have deadly consequences and the universe can split apart at the seams, where they can end up in an apocalyptic land stalked by monsters or a reality in which the universe doesn’t exist at all. Worst of all, they discover that their genetic mutations are contagious, that they can mutate a person’s genes just by being intimate with them–and the powers they spread can have more dangerous consequences that they can possibly imagine.

And far in the future, an unknown villain seeks vengeance on the Next Men. To punish them for a betrayal they haven’t yet committed, she captures Bethany and banishes the rest across time! Trapped in the 1940s, Nathan is captured by Nazis and subjected to cruel and unusual experiments. Jasmine succumbs to the plague in Elizabethan England. Tony is mistaken for a slave in the Civil War South. Danny is nowhere to be found. The star-crossed teammates must figure out how to get back to the present-day–and to each other!

X-Men meets The Matrix in John Byrne’s Next Men as a team of superheroes finds themselves in their greatest struggle yet, as they try to reunite despite an adversary even stronger than they are: time itself!