Mystery Society


Created by Steve Niles and Ashley Wood. Art by Fiona Staples.

From the world-renowned Steve Niles and the legendary Ashley Wood comes Mystery Society, a sci-fi adventure series that sold out in its first run! This lighthearted romp is a conspiracy theorist and monster lover’s dream come true, bringing together a band of human and paranormal misfits to right the wrongs of government and power.

Nick and Anastasia live in an apartment above their failing bookstore, dreaming about the worldly wrongs they would right if they had money to burn. And then they win the lottery. Er, the mega lottery. Make that the mega ultimate lottery!

And thus, the Mystery Society is born! Their mission? To root out urban myths, reveal military secrets, and expose journalistic lies. All of which is a lot of work for this Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type duo, so they assemble a team of diverse, flawed characters, including psychic twin sisters with a dark secret, a ghoul-bitten woman who calls herself “Secret Skull,” and the brain of Jules Verne in a robot body.

Mystery Society is the midpoint between the classic Thin Man mystery films and The X-Files, with a hip, devil-may-care tone, reminiscent of the sophistication of 1930s Hollywood comedies.