The Music Box


Created by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scott Lobdell.

It drifts from hand to hand, playing a new intoxicating tune for each person who cares to listen. From the speakeasies of jazz-age New York to the war-torn deserts of modern-day Iraq, it moves on a pattern and schedule all its own. It is the Music Box, and beneath its lid sits a terrible darkness that five people are about to unleash.

The intrigue and mystery of the Twilight Zone collide with the mounting horror of the Ring in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box, a gripping thriller series from Jennifer Love Hewitt and writer Scott Lobdell, creator of Generation X. After finding a magic music box, five people are about to get exactly what they want, but the cost of their dreams is higher than they could possibly imagine.

Detective Oliver Kulpalski is an over-worked cop who’s desperate to make a difference in his crime-infested city. Businessman Marshall John would gladly marry his girlfriend if only he didn’t have his wealthy, heiress wife to worry about. Corporal Sid Glanz is a communications specialist in Iraq who’s longing to get back home. Jenna Belle is a wannabe jazz singer whose tin voice is the only thing standing between her and stardom. Popular self-help author Topher Tome has already made a name for himself but wishes he could figure out how to give people what they really want.

Divided by time, location, race, and income, the trajectories of these strangers’ lives will align when they hear the twisted song of the Music Box. Initially, the sweet notes of the Music Box deliver them everything they’ve ever wanted, but as they become increasingly addicted to the haunting song it plays they begin hearing a very different tune after realizing that this music box runs on blood. Will they be able to resist the Music Box’s siren lure, or will the lifeblood it consumes end up being their own?

As the Music Box travels from person to person, the dark secrets of its origin and the twisted path its carved through history begins to unfold. Is the Music Box choosing people at random, or is there some hidden thread that binds the fate of these strangers to the Music Box that is waiting to be uncovered?

Hidden desires become reality in The Music Box, an intriguing thriller about what people will sacrifice to get what they want. Dare you hear what song the Music Box will play for you?