Motorcycle Samurai


Created by Chris Sheridan.

A series that Pipedream Comics says “takes you hostage and drags you on an epic journey you won’t soon forget,” Motorcycle Samurai is a highly-stylized tale of betrayal and revenge that combines the wild west action of Tombstone with the grungy, post-apocalyptic landscape of Fallout. In a world where enemies lurk around every corner, one woman is going to get what she wants no matter how many bodies she has to leave in her wake.

Years ago, a massive war destroyed society as we know it. Now, assassins, convicts, thieves, and killers run wild across a stark desert landscape, fighting for resources in a world with nothing left to give. Welcome to the Badlands, a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the only the strong survive and the rest just run for cover. Riding through this new wild west on the back of a roaring motorcycle is White Bolt, a mysterious stunt-woman turned bounty hunter armed only with her ancient katana and her wit. She doesn’t let anything stand in between her and getting paid, but her latest mark is about to unleash a whole lotta hell in the small desert town of Trouble, population 108.

When the White Bolt rolls into Trouble with fugitive murderer Happy Parker strapped to the back of her bike, she’s counting on collecting a bounty, but what she finds is a town on the edge. Trouble is controlled by Boss Parker and the Iron King, Happy’s older siblings. The Parkers are corrupt gangsters affiliated with a shadowy criminal organization called the Syndicate. Under their rule, the town has become a hotbed of corruption and vice, which doesn’t sit well with Roy Keane, a veteran of the war that ended the world who became the Sheriff of Trouble after Happy murdered the last one. Both Boss Parker and Roy Keane want a shot at punishing Happy, and their clash over his fate will unleash a battle for control of the town of Trouble – if there’s anything left of it after the fighting is done.

As Roy Keane hatches a plan to take down Boss Parker once and for all, he enters into an uneasy alliance with White Bolt. But as the battle for Trouble heats up, it becomes clear that White Bolt is playing both sides of the conflict in an attempt to get something else she wants from the Syndicate, which might not even matter after Boss Parker fires up a powerful weapon she’s been keeping hidden since the war.

In a world where the only thing rarer than water is an honest person, how do you figure out who to trust? The people of Trouble will find out as they fight for survival in Motorcycle Samurai, an epic, blood-soaked joyride through a lawless wasteland of mystery and danger.