Monster Motors


The sleepy town of Transylvania, Kentucky is under attack from Cadillacula, a vampire-car that sucks the gas out of other vehicles! Mechanic Vic Frankenstein has a solution: build a monster to fight a monster. Vic and his android assistant iGOR (interactive Garage Operations Robot) assemble a giant truck from the pieces of the town’s fallen vehicles. What could possibly go wrong?


Created by Brian Lynch.

Vic Frankenstein is kind of a big deal. He graduated top of his class from Ingolstadt School for Automotive Repair. While everyone else was learning what a muffler was, he built a truck from scratch. When it was time to partner with a classmate, he made an interactive Garage Operations Robot (iGor) created from his classmate’s computers and gaming consoles to serve as his partner. Vic’s a genius, but no one at Ingolstadt seems to appreciate him (perhaps because he’s so anti-social?) his gifts. So he packs up all his stuff and moves to Transylvania…. Translyvania, Kentucky that is.

Why Transylvania? Long story short, Vic got a pretty sweet deal on the internet for twenty acres of land that came furnished with a garage and junkyard. The seller had only one condition: never take down the big scary fence. Vic doesn’t worry too much about it—he’s got town bumpkins to charm as he hands out flyers for his new auto repair business. He fixes his first customers’ cars in record time (“average time” for Vic Frankenstein). But when he awakes the next morning, the four customers’ cars in his parking lot have turned into fuel-drained, rust-ridden husks.

Vic, certain someone is trying to destroy his business before it begins, sets a trap to find the culprit. He fixes a few cars from his junkyard, has iGor make a sign stating “New Cars!” as bait, and waits with a giant electro-magnet hovering over the trap. An eerie car with red headlights creeps out of the junkyard and latches metal hooks into a bait car, stealing its gas and life. Vic hits the switch, traps the creepy car on the magnet, and demands the driver come out for a little chat. But the car has no driver. It is sentient. It is vampire. It is CADILLACULA!

Then Cadillacula mesmerizes the electro-magnet to let it go with its red headlight eyes, drains the life force out of Vic’s cherished truck, and flies away into the night with it’s newest superpower (gained every time Cadillacula drains a new car).

Guess we know what the big scary fence was for.

At first, Vic understandably freaks out, resolving never to go near a car again and fix only lamps for the rest of his life. But his tune changes when he realizes Cadillacula has sucked dry all the cars of Transylvania. So Vic brings his dead truck back to life, armed with a power Cadillacula cannot touch. And through it’s rebirth, it not only gains life—it gains sentience. It is big. It is green. It is FRANKENRIDE!

Who will win? The monster truck created by the socially awkward, genius mechanic? The car that gains new power with every gas tank it drains? Or are there others with unknown powers in their midst? After all, in a town like Transylvania, there’s bond to be more Monster Motors.