Monster & Madman


Written by Steve Niles. Art by Damien Worm.

Fiction’s first monster collides with the serial killer who gave birth to the 20th century in Monster & Madman, a spine-chilling horror series written by Steve Niles, the creator of the cult classic 30 Days of Night. In a world where monsters and murderers stalk the streets of 19th-century London, the scariest thing of all is loneliness.

Most people thought that Frankenstein’s monster died with him in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, but they were wrong. Haunted by his creator’s betrayal and the dreams and memories of the strangers whose brains are inside his head, the Monster now wanders the world with only one desire in mind—easing his terrible loneliness. Reviled, despised, and thrown into the ocean after a violent encounter, the Monster is ready to lose hope when he’s rescued by a peculiar man named John Moore, who will attempt to give the monster his wish at a terrible cost.

Moore is a disgraced doctor-turned-mortician living in a cluttered lab nestled deep within the winding, filthy streets of London. By day, he preserves the bodies of the dead, but after the sun sets Moore chases his true passion—cutting his way to the secret of life. Well aware of what the Monster is, Moore begs him for the chance to try and find out what makes him tick. In exchange for the Monster letting Moore run tests on him, Moore promises to build the Monster a bride.

Although the Monster is uneasy about letting this mysterious stranger experiment on him, he’s can’t pass up the chance for a true companion. Ignoring his unease, the Monster agrees to move into Moore’s lab so the doctor can study him. After all, it isn’t like the Monster has anywhere else to go. There’s been a string of prostitutes murdered in Whitechapel by a man the papers are calling Jack the Ripper, and after being spotted on the street, the Monster is now suspect number one in the grisly crimes that have put all of London in a state of panic.

Hiding from a public who wants to see him strung up, while grappling with his own isolation and place in the world, the Monster chases the secret of life with Dr. Moore in a series of increasingly extreme experiments. But as the two get closer to their goal, the Monster begins to suspect that something sinister lurks behind his new friend’s calm demeanor. As evidence piles up that Moore isn’t who he says he is, the Monster will have to decide how much he’s willing to ignore in order to get what he wants—a chance at love.

A series that Bloody Disgusting called “a stunning, dark, and twisted tale of elegant horror,” Monster & Madman is a fresh new take on old myths that explores the desperate things we’ll do to avoid being alone, and how true monsters are often the ones hiding in plain sight.