Michael Recycle


The adventures of a young superhero whose power allows him to teach people about recycling. Michael and his crusaders tackle green adventures from melting polar ice caps to saving the monarch butterflies and everything in between.


Written by Ellie Patterson. Art by Alexandra Colombo.

Michael Recycle is a young boy with the power of flight who wants to save the world from climate change. He’s joined by a super side-kick Solar Lola, who orbits the Earth in a solar-powered space station scanning for environmental crises. When disaster strikes, they are ready to swoop in and save the day.

Follow Michael and Lola through fun adventures like:

The Tree Top Cops – Even super-heroes need a vacation, so where better than one of the world’s natural wonders, the great Redwood Forest! But disaster has struck and the forest is under threat…can Michael Recycle and his new friends, the Tree Top Cops, save the day?

Saving Christmas – Santa is in trouble-the elves are running out of materials to make toys! If something doesn’t change fast there won’t be any toys for kids this Christmas-each kid will only get one grey sock instead (there aren’t enough socks for a pair even!). Cue Michael Recycle, our super green hero, who flies in with a message for Santa: Reuse and Recycle! Whilst Michael teaches the elves to make gifts out of everyday items (bouncing balls out of lots of elastic bands, Christmas decorations from tin cans, bracelets out of paperclips etc), Solar Lola is busy providing enough light and electricity for the hive of activity that ensues!

Michael Recycle is the 2017 update to Captain Planet, putting kids in the superhero seat with adventures that empower them to battle climate change themselves, rather than waiting for a magical answer (like grown-ups!) to solve the problem.