Maddy Kettle


A stream of imaginative twists and aerial wonders, flowing along easily in a mix of lucidly drawn action and pithy dialogue. — Kirkus Reviews


Created by Eric Orchard.

Floating frogs. Talking Rats. And Spider-Goblins. Oh my!

Harry Potter meets Neil Gaiman’s Coraline in Maddy Kettle. A magical adventure about one girl’s quest to save her parents from a terrible curse. Along the way, she’ll make new friends, face many dangers, and will have to rely on her imagination, compassion and courage to save her family and break the spell.

In the small town of Dustcloud Gap, Eleven-year-old Maddy works in her parents’ bookstore joined by her pet flying toad Ralph. Surrounded by endless amounts of books, her imagination runs free every day and Maddy knows she is living the perfect life. But that all changes one fateful night when the mysterious Thimblewitch suddenly appears at her home and puts a terrible spell on Maddy’s parents – turning them both into talking kangaroo rats!

It’s bad enough that her mild-mannered parents have been transformed into rats —but before Maddy can blink they’re kidnapped by spider goblins. When the same creatures steal her beloved floating spadefoot toad Ralph, Maddy has no choice but to venture off on her own to save Ralph and turn her parents back to normal.

Fortunately, an assortment of new friends await, including the cloud cartographers Harry and Silvio, along with a bear and raccoon who explore the world in their moon-balloon. Through her new friend’s travels, Maddy discovers that there’s a whole world in and above the clouds – a magical world she never dreamed could exist.

But more surprises await: Though both the witch and the goblins have sharp teeth and menacing red eyes, when Maddy finally tracks them down, the witch turns out to be a well-meaning tinkerer whose magic has gone awry. Moreover, the goblins are skittish but not hostile creatures desperate to replace the stolen power source that keeps their smog-belching city afloat. In return for having her parents restored to their original forms, Maddy agrees to help recover the goblins’ magic. They’ll help her along the way, but in the end, the fate of everyone will depend on Maddy’s courage, compassion, and creativity.

Full of color, heart and imagination; Eric Orchard’s Spectrum Award-Winning Maddy Kettle is a whimsical adventure full of strange beasts, charismatic characters and misunderstood monsters….its a magical world where compassion and imagination are the only things that can combat the power of assumptions.