Lost Planet


Somewhere in the dark jungles of the Andes mountains is a Dimensional Bridge which leads to a medieval world ruled by black magic. Fortune hunter Tyler Flynn and fellow ex-pats Ambrose Bierce and Amelia Earhart in a desperate attempt to break free from the diabolical orbit of… the Lost Planet.


Created by Bo Hampton.

Ex-Army WWII pilot Tyler Flynn has an addiction: treasure hunting. Too bad he isn’t any good at it. Years of trying to find hidden fortunes have only cost the young man his family, lovers, and friends. His latest (and likely last) quest for glory takes him to the Central Andes in South America in search of the legendary “Devil’s Eye”—a chamber in Devil’s Mountain filled with emeralds. Of course legend is also that the chamber claims the lives of all who seek it, but detail schmetails. When Flynn he finds and enters the cave of legend, he opens a dimensional bridge is transported 1938 to a different world filled with dinosaurs, wizards, and (possibly) Amelia Earhart.

Flynn lands with a shock to be greeted by a monk-like cave dweller named Carl and his pet Gertie—a pterodactyl that won’t bite (unless told to or sometimes when you know he feels like it). Carl interrogates Flynn much like you would expect at an immigration office, handing Flynn a primer for the world’s most common language and shoving him out the door to a pre-selected village. Carl offers one valuable bit of prophetic advice before Gertie flies him away, “Stay away from Zorrin!”

As Flynn tries to drink and sleep away his confusion at his pre-selected village’s inn, Count Zorrin discovers another Earth man has arrived, but this man is one his priests warn will challenge his rule. In a panic, Zorrin sends his dragon troops to search for Flynn, but Romney Rifkind and her chimp Max find Flynn first. Romney has her own reasons for needing Flynn, and they tie to Flynn’s salvation: she knows that a powerful wizard named Ambrose is searching for Flynn as well and Ambrose is powerful enough to return Flynn to Earth. Unbeknownst to Flynn, Romney’s been tracking down Ambrose for her own murderous reasons and Flynn is the perfect bait to draw Ambrose out into the open. But she can’t very well tell Flynn that, so she simply offers to help him find Ambrose and vaguely leaves it at that. With no better offers and a lot of dragons on his tail, Flynn accepts.

Before man, woman, and chimp can take off on their dino-steeds, the dragon troops catch up to them. Max and Romney put up a strong fight, but it’s Flynn’s demon fire magic (aka, his flare gun) that sends the troops running. Unfortunately, he had only one flare left and his lack of other fighting abilities means that Romney and Max will have to teach Flynn the skills to survive their harsh world until Ambrose can find them.

Ground Ghouls that look like gargantuan praying mantises, a black minister with a taste for human flesh, and a swamp riddled with quick-bog and tentacle monsters – Flynn is in for the adventure of a lifetime, though the life part is feeling a bit tenuous. Luckily with the help of Romney and Max, our hapless treasure hunter will find a way home from this Lost Planet— that is if Romney doesn’t betray him and if Zorrin doesn’t stop them first.