Lost Angeles


When a massive comet barely misSes the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, all hell breaks loose and several perpetually turf-thirsty gangs rise up to claim control. But when two rival gang members find themselves in the throes of a comet- crossed love affair, their passion for each other threatens to tear their respective clans apart from within, launching an all-out gang war.


Created by Kevin Eastman.

Every night, it’s the same nightmare. Mika runs on an abandoned beach with waves crashing by his feet. He walks across a stone bridge with seagulls screeching overhead. He kisses the girl who’s been with him every step of the way. Then Mika falls to his death while the heartbroken woman reaches desperately for him.

Mika wakes in a sweat to face his everyday – he’s a member of the gang called the Stompers, who rule the Holy Land: (once called Hollywood, before the passing of the great Nemsis comet). Mika’s day involves checking in with palm tree camouflaged watchmen to make sure rival gangs aren’t closing in, taunting fellow members into fights on the rooftop’s training grounds…. And sometimes if he has a particularly good day, he tempts a lady or two to join him for the night.

The Elder of the Stompers doesn’t approve of Mika’s ways, but Mika is one of the top fighters so he lets it slide. Where Mika believes in the value of downtime, Elder preaches its stupidity. To prove his point, the Elder beats Mika up in front of his crew and demands him to recite the day’s lesson—the one lesson no Stomper should ever forget: Lost Angeles is a dangerous place and you should never, ever let your guard down.

Later, the Elder’s vague warning becomes concrete. Aztekkian Warriors have crossed into their turf with a cage full of captives. Mika races down from rooftop, yelling orders while running ahead to slow the Warriors down. It turns into a full out street war, the Stompers are armed with slingshots and fists while the Warriors armed with spears and guns. Mika somehow navigates the madness and makes way to the Warrior’s prisoners. There is only one left alive—a woman, who lashes out in self-defense when Mika nears. But their fight stops as soon as they get a good look at each other. It’s the woman from Mika’s dreams—and Mika is the man from hers.

It’ll be up to Mika to save the woman from the bloodthirsty Aztekkian Warriors and lead her to somewhere safe. But will the safety come at the price of his life? It’s the ultimate question he must face: how far will he be willing to go for the unknown love of his life? We can only hope Lost Angeles is kinder than Shakespeare when it comes to the fate of Mika and his Aztekkian princess.