Lost and Found


The Bermuda Triangle, the Arctic Vortex, Stonehedge, and The Devil’s Triangle have always been rumored to be mysterious portals to the unknown. Not anymore-they all lead to a scientific ‘Dead Letter Department’ created by a group of ancient scientists that didn’t worship Gods, they worshiped science.


Created by Beau Smith.

The Bermuda Triangle. The Arctic Vortex. Stonehenge. All of these mysterious places have one thing in common: they are portals to a place outside of space and time. From Beau Smith, creator of Wynonna Earp, comes Lost and Found, an adventure that spans centuries, where warriors from across time are thrown together to fight a war for the earth. But is it a battle to save the world or to control it?

In the name of science and knowledge, a group of ancient civilizations came together to create a “laboratory” where they could examine specimens from all over the time-space continuum. All around planet Earth, they built portals, in areas known today for their magical and unexplainable phenomena, that lead to a pocket universe, where nothing ages or dies–the perfect arena to conduct studies. But millions of years have passed. Those civilizations have fallen, and yet the portals remain–along with the unfortunate souls who have fallen through them.

Molly Travis is a helicopter pilot with a vital mission: to transport the world’s newest and most powerful nuclear bomb to an undisclosed location for the U.S. military. But as she and her crew fly over New Mexico, they hit unexpected turbulence–in the form of a pterodactyl! They find themselves in a strange new world, on a tropical island far from the desert landscapes of the southwest. Below them, a battle rages, and they quickly become targets! Molly tries to defend her cargo as her crew falls around her, but the bomb, along with the scientist who helped develop it, are captured.

With the help of Frank Lujack, a handsome WWI fighter pilot, and a ragtag band of warriors from different eras–a Zulu war chief, a Cro-magnon man, a Viking seaman, a Union soldier–Molly begins to understand where she is: a realm nicknamed The Dead Letter Department. A place of creatures lost throughout time. Dinosaurs still walk the earth. Monsters lurk beneath the sea. Warriors from all walks of life battle for power. Molly’s bomb has been taken by Axel Kriegsherr, an 18th century German military leader and occultist — a man Hitler himself idolized. With nuclear power at his fingertips, Kriegsherr plans to destroy his enemies and finally remake the world in his own image.

Now it’s a race to keep the bomb from destroying the Dead Letter Department–and everyone in it. But will they be too late? Will Kriegsherr’s desire to rule the world kill them all? Or will Molly and Frank escape with their lives?