Every culture has its lore. Every lore has its monster. Every monster has its weakness.


Created by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise.

In times past, the world was full of mythical creatures – creatures long since banished and held at bay by the secret society of Shepherds. But when the generational line of Shepherds is broken, a reluctant hero finds her life threatened from every quarter. And the creatures are coming back.

Jennifer Bradley is the next in line generation of a long line of Shepherds, the ancient order who guard the borders where magic and monsters seep into our world. One fateful night Jennifer’s father, Jonathan, is murdered and a role she is neither prepared for or interested in is thrust upon her. When she initially refuses her destiny, the creatures are able to sense a weakness in the generational line and the mythological beasts begin to haunt more than just our nightmares.

As the invasion swells, governments, churches, and society in general struggle to deal with the rise in supernatural encroachment that follows. The Shepherds are stretched beyond their means, trying to contain the influx of beasts while opposing forces work to widen the cracks between worlds, allowing more monsters to flow through.

After discovering and reading her late father’s diary, Jennifer realizes she can only honor her father’s legacy but accepting her lineage and joining the Shepherds – before the world’s beasts and myths take over.

From Award winning husband and wife team of Ashley Wood and T.P Louise comes this tale of family, duty and honor centered on a reluctant young heroine who finds her way to rise above the nightmares that threaten the world and save us all.