Long Distance


“Zahler marvelously captures the world as it is today, with spot-on pop culture references, perfectly delivered social media posts, and a plot that features a type of relationship that’s becoming more and more widespread than perhaps ever before.” – Outright Geekery


Created by Thomas F. Zahler.

When nerds fall in love, it’s a beautiful thing. But when nerd love blossoms over a distance of 356 miles, like in Long Distance by Thomas F. Zahler (Love and Capes), it becomes something closer to magic.

Like many love stories, Carter Blue and Lee Smith’s relationship began a snowy night after Batman crashed into Carter (it was a child dressed as Batman, but detail-schmetails). As Carter picks up his sketches wallpapering the airport concourse floor, Lee walks over to help. Carter’s grateful for her assistance, but has to leave to catch his flight. He doesn’t realize that due to the snowstorm, all flights have been grounded. So instead of getting on his plane, Carter does an about face and grabs a drink with a smart, funny, geeky, and beautiful woman.

Darn, huh?

Over the next three hours they exchange all the essentials: Carter’s a designer and co-owner for an ad agency, Lee’s a research scientist for NASA and TeslaLabs; he lives in Columbus, she’s in Chicago; he’s team Kirk… she prefers Sisko (Star Trek captains people!). Drinks drift into a walk down a quiet concourse. When Carter gives Lee a look full of silent wishes, she leans in and whispers, “I dare you.”

They kiss a legendary first kiss. (Seriously. Carter hears music and everything.)

Back in their hometowns, they move slowly from Twitter follows to emails, then phone conversations to weekend flights. Whenever they are together, things just click and feel right. But although they are always there for each other, they can’t always be there. And the longer they are together, the longer the distance begins to hurt.

Each has a reason for staying where they are. Carter owns an ad agency he lives with his best friend Tim, who never would had left his old job had Carter not convinced him. Lee lives with her beloved grandmother whose health problems and old age make Lee want to stick around. It’s an impossible situation. And sometimes, no matter how much love or nerd appreciation is shared, a relationship can still be doomed to fail.

A Romcom for the comic con crowd, Long Distance is less of a “will they or won’t they” love story, and more of a “how will they make it work” story. Can Carter and Lee overcome illnesses, unexpected deadlines, and career upheavals while keeping the flames of their love burning? A testament to modern relationships, Long Distance demonstrates the challenges that even the strongest of connections can face when caught between reality’s grip and the heart’s true yearning.