A diverse collection of slice of life stories from Iranian born Dara Naraghi. A multi-cultural, multi- ethnic cast of characters infuses each vignette with the spirit of an unknown corner of the world just outside our window. From the sentimental to the shocking, the familiar to the unknown, it’s all here.


Created by Dara Naraghi.

In a compilation of stories reflecting on the depths of the human experience, Lifelike shows us that sometimes in the mundane, we can find the most meaning. From explorations on topics such as death, love, fear, and the power of imagination, the stories in Lifelike speak to our everyday lives and the powerful lessons we learn as we fumble along life’s crooked path.

The opening story, “The Long Journey,” introduces Omid—an Iranian man enjoying the good fortune of his American life as his child plays in the grass while his wife Heather, kisses him on the cheek. He reflects on how he grew up in Iran, was drafted into the Iran-Iraq war, and his eventual desertion to the north. It’s a short tale of incredible luck and happiness… or is it?

In “Imaginarians,” chauvinistic reporter Chuck O’Connor interviews children’s author Regina Harper-Parson and belittles her story’s focus on the imagination. At every instance Regina tries to make a point on how imagination is a transformational force and encourages critical thinking, Chuck cuts her off and insists she’s enabling the “brain drain” on America by encouraging children to keep their head in the clouds. It’s an interview Regina will obviously find unbearable… or will she use her imagination to make it somewhat tolerable?

“Smoke Break” features a pair of flirting smokers outside a hospital. Dr. Lillian has no plans of quitting her enjoyable vice, but Roger keeps waiting to find the right method and motivation to stop his cancerous habit. As Roger works up the courage to ask the witty doctor out, a purse snatching happens across the street. Roger charges after the thief, despite Lillian’s warning that is isn’t safe. His smoker lungs will work against him in his pursuit of justice… or do they actually save him?

“The Routine” is about a new grocery clerk named Pia. An unusual customer enters her checkout lane. Rather than allow Pia to touch her items, the customer reads off the UPC codes, gives Pia exact change, and leaves without a bag. When the door closes, her coworker begins spouting how the customer is “nuttier than a can of planters.” Of course Pia will agree in an attempt to fit in with her new work environment… or will her education and home life offer her a more sensitive perspective?

In “Punishment,” Gordon W. Burke spends an eternity in constant fear, panic, and dread. He is terrorized and hunted by evil angels and modern medusas. Every time they catch him, they tear off an arm, a leg, a torso, a head. And every time, Gordon W. Burke slowly and painfully grows the missing part back. Surely no one deserves this never-ending nightmare… or is Gordon W. Burke an exception to this rule?

With nine other slice-of-life tales ranging in content from noir crime to love stories and humorous conversation pieces, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic cast of characters portray the shared human experience that transcends our perceived differences. Art imitates life, and in Lifelike, we are shown the mysterious power of our journey.