Created by Ann and Christian Slade.

From the mind of Christian Slade, an illustrator and animator who’s worked with some of the biggest names in both film and print, comes Korgi, a richly textured fantasy world filled with creatures both adorable and abominable. A series the School Library Journal called “funny, thrilling, and scary in all the right places” and “absolutely ripe for animated adaptation,” Korgi is an epic coming-of-age tale about the friendship between a young fairy and her magic puppy that will delight both young and old alike.

Enter a dreamlike landscape of mystery and wonder where creatures of all kinds stalk the woods and talking frogs spin tales of magic to anyone who cares to listen. Deep in the heart of a forest filled with evil monsters, a fairy-like race called the Mollies have built an idyllic home for themselves hidden in the trees of Korgi Hollow with the help of Korgis, magical dog-like creatures that breathe fire. An alliance that has held for generations, each Molly child gets a Korgi cub and the two are paired for life.

Ivy is a young Molly hungry for adventure. With her Korgi cub, Scout, she explores the outer areas of the community looking for excitement. But as they learn to master their powers while protecting Korgi Hollow from dog-sized spiders, hungry goblins and marooned aliens armed with pint-sized robots, they’ll also draw the attention of the biggest threat that Korgi Hollow has ever faced — a two-headed monster named Derog-Glaw.

Originally two evil princes who fused themselves together and destroyed their kingdom during a spell gone awry, Derog-Glaw is now trapped in the ruins of a castle on a cliff high above Korgi Hollow. In order to separate itself and escape, the twisted beast needs to drink the blood of a fire breathing Korgi, and it knows exactly which one it wants. With an army of small, round, dirt-eating monsters called Creephogs, Derog-Glaw will use its black magic to hatch scheme after scheme in an attempt to capture Scout and consume him.

Together with friendly creatures like Lump, a clumsy but well-meaning dragon, Scarlett, a singing squid, and Otto, a bow-and-arrow-wielding porcupine with a taste for practical jokes, Ivy and Scout will defend Korgi Hollow against the monsters and madmen who would do them harm. As they rise to a series of mounting challenges that will test their friendship and their faith in themselves, they will also uncover the secret history of their homeland as they figure out how to defeat Derog-Glaw once and for all.

Join Ivy and Scout as they fight for the survival of their people in Korgi, a fantastic adventure in the vein of Lord of the Rings and the Redwall series. Filled with danger, intrigue, and wondrously ornate creatures that will shock and delight people of all ages, Korgi is an epic tale about two youngsters realizing their full potential and learning the importance of friendship.