Junction True


Written by Ray Fawkes. Illustrated by Vince Locke.

Blade Runner meets Fatal Attraction in the sweaty underground clubs of Junction True, a dark romance about betrayal, obsession, and the horrific costs of total devotion that Publisher’s Weekly called “a fascinating depiction of the darkest depths of human relationships for anyone interested in thoughtful science fiction.”

In a nightmare neon future, a controversial new subculture is sweeping the coolest clubs and hangout spots from New York to Berlin. They call themselves the Parasite Elite, a group of young thrill-seekers probing the limits of body modification and human experience with a stomach-turning new accessory‑genetically modified parasites. Inserted beneath the skin, these new breeds of tapeworms, hookworms, leeches, and nematodes are used to change people’s appearance, supercharge their sex, and get them high in new and frightful ways. It hasn’t exactly been proven safe, but sometimes that’s the cost of living life on the edge.

Dirk Brodie fancies himself a journalist, broadcasting his dispatches from the Neumod scene to millions of people around the world through social media. While many of his adoring fans would kill for the chance to get into his skinny jeans, Dirk only has eyes for one woman—Teralyn Sung, a mysterious scene queen who draws in both men and women alike with her alien sexuality and glowing yellow nematode burrowed beneath her skin. Dirk will do anything for her love, but what she wants is a puppet. She wants the Junction True.

In a subculture dedicated to breaking every boundary, the Junction True is the last extreme in body modification and sadomasochistic relationships. When a couple enters into a Junction True, their bodies are totally reconfigured to create a new joined being. The submissive, or “puppet,” has their digestive tract removed and is fed through a special port installed in them that can only be accessed by a matching port in the body of their dominant “puppet master.” The procedure is irreversible, and after it’s done the puppet master has total control of their puppet’s life…or death. It’s a new, twisted expression of complete and total devotion.

Dirk, completely obsessed with Teralyn, is determined to enter into a Junction True with her, but it won’t be easy. The general public is becoming increasingly hostile to Neumods, and the procedure is dangerous and highly illegal. Also standing in his way is his best friend Naoko Sato, another journalist who has been chasing rumors of scene kids who’ve been maimed by their parasites. Naoko is worried that Dirk’s mind has cracked because of his obsession, and she’s starting to suspect that Teralyn is a liar who’s hiding a terrible secret.

A story about breaking taboos, what we share on social media, and the damage that’s done when a love burns so deep that it turns ugly, Junction True is an exploration of the darkest corners of human lust, obsession, and the dangers of giving yourself to somebody body and soul.