Judas The Last Days


Written by W. Maxwell Prince. Art by John Amor.

2000 years ago, Judas Iscariot’s betrayal led to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He’s still working through it. Grab a front seat for the final ride of history’s most famous traitor in Judas: The Last Days, a series Forbidden Planet called “an intoxicating mixture of religion, philosophy and fantasy, with an added dab of conspiracy theory” that asks where you can run to when the person you’re running away from is yourself.

These days, people all around the world cringe when their regrets pop up in their Facebook memories, but for Judas Iscariot, his biggest regret is canon in the most practiced religion on Earth. Since making his name synonymous with betrayal, Judas has slain monsters and lain in the arms of an Oracle. He’s weathered the horrors of the Holocaust and sought peace in the silence of a small Southern town. Now, two thousand years into the futile effort of trying to escape his shame, he wants to do the only thing he’s never done—die.

See, Judas and the other eleven disciples were all made immortal by the touch of the Messiah, left alive to eventually witness his glorious return. Ascending to Heaven to complete a final secret project, Christ promised them that he’d be back when his work was done. So they waited. And waited. And waited. Then they got bored. Immortal and seemingly abandoned by the man they loved more than anything else, the disciples disappeared into a modern world where demons and legends live in the shadows. As far as the disciples know, only the Messiah can end their lives, so if Judas wants to die he’ll need to find Jesus. Literally. But he won’t be searching alone.

Along with disciples Matthew, a transvestite who’s transitioned from writing gospels to running a brothel of satyrs and demons, and James the Lesser, who’s spent the last few hundred or so years drowning his loneliness in junk food and a kaleidoscope of powders and pills, Judas will try to figure out how to finally end his long life so he can get some rest. Unfortunately for him, the dark designs of some very powerful people depend on his survival.

The Bookkeepers, dwarven protectors of the endless registry of every event in human history, have discovered that Judas has a special part to play in the narrative of reality, and they’ve teamed up with the President of the United States to keep him alive. These days, a very, very old friend of Judas is the big man in the Oval Office, but he has his eyes on a higher position—being God himself. In order to claim power over reality, the President needs a special power that lives inside Judas, and he’ll use his army of hammer-toting golems, living legends, and bloodthirsty demons to get it.

Highlander meets the New Testament in Judas: The Final Days, a supernatural journey through brothels, back alleys, and flying-monkey-filled crack houses into the very heart of atonement and what it means to believe.