Joe Frankenstein


Joe Frankenstein marinates in this super fun and breezy layer of retro joy that is far too hard to come by in modern comics.
– FrontTowardsGamer


Written by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan. Art by Graham Nolan and Gregory Wright.

The end of Dr. Frankenstein’s life began the start of his Creation’s. He may have been just a monster in the beginning of his existence; born with a rage only a child could understand. But after learning the pain of remorse, Frankenstein’s Monster decides to pay penance by watching over Frankenstein’s progeny. And with the eternal life Dr. Frankenstein gave to him, he’s been able to watch the family for generations.

Now there is only one Frankenstein left in modern-day America: Joe. He’s an orphan kid whose parents died in a car accident. To keep him safe, Frankenstein’s Monster changed Joe’s last name to Pratt and made sure he rotated in-and-out of foster homes. Why? Because the same eternal life granted to Frankenstein’s Monster was never granted to his Bride. And while she’s kept herself alive with transplants and sorcery, she craves to be finished to the glorious perfection she was originally intended to be. The genetic formula for eternal life can only be read when the Monster’s and Joe’s genomes are aligned. In other words, the Bride needs Joe’s and her husband’s blood—all of their blood—to make her wish of eternal life come true.

For seventeen years, Frankenstein’s Monster watched over Joe from a distance, but all that changes one snowy night as Joe, working as a pizza deliveryman, goes out on job. What Joe thought was a creepy house full of hot ladies, turns out to be a vampire den with an appetite for humans. Frankenstein’s Monster crashes through the window to save Joe, staking three of the four vampires and burning the last with a piece of cheesy, garlic pizza. Too bad the cheese didn’t melt her lips, because the vampire calls her boss, Frankenstein’s Bride, to report the Monster sighting. And instinctively the Bride knows that where her husband is, a Frankenstein is certain to be close by.

Now that the ruse is up, Frankenstein’s Monster quickly tries to bring Joe up to speed but average Joe finds it hard to believe that he’s actually a Frankenstein and that monsters will hunt him now that they know where he is. Instead, he treats it like a bad dream and represses his new truth, trying to move on with his foster family and girlfriend Skye. But the truth has a way of taking root in every man’s soul and soon Joe contacts the Monster. He meets the Monster at his castle-like digs with a basement of gadgets Batman would envy and gets to know his crew: a werewolf chauffer named Finnabar and a smart-ass inventor named Enoch. But as Joe gets to know his new reality, vampires come a-knocking to the homes of Joe’s loved ones.

The Monster and Joe are quick enough to save his foster family, but they are too late to save Skye, who is kidnapped as leverage. In a bid to save her, Joe, Joe finally agrees to follow the Monster’s lead and work to put an end to the Bride of Frankenstein once and for all.

Trying to live down a legacy he didn’t know he had, Joe finds a strange, new family in the Monster, while blood-thirsty vampires, an angry Bride, and a demonic corporation try to kill them both. Being seventeen is hard, but finding out an evil, monster Bride wants you dead can be a big pill to swallow. In this wild, action filled ride, a boy learns his truth with intrigue, shadowy suspense, and the help of his brother, a monster with a heart.