Jingle Belle


Jingle Belle is the spoiled teenage daughter of the big man himself, Santa Claus. Like any teen she has a lovingly contentious relationship with her famous father– you see it’s easy to be jealous when your father pays more attention to ALL children of the world than his own flesh and blood.


Created by Paul Dini.

The number one spot on Santa’s naughty list each year belongs to Jingle Belle Kringle (Jing to her friends), the jolly old soul’s very own rebellious teen-age daughter. That’s right Jingle Belle is Santa’s only child and she’s sick of all things Christmas. Who wouldn’t be when she’s the daughter of the man himself yet she never gets any presents (coal doesn’t count) – It turns out family life at the North Pole is just as dysfunctional as anywhere.

Santa has given up introducing Jingle to the family business. The last time he tried she lost the sleigh! But Jingle is desperate for her dad’s approval, and gets indignant when he doesn’t appreciate her hard work. She can’t quite fathom why he doesn’t like her toy designs—they’re only a little deadly, after all.

Jingle tries to prove herself by covering for Santa at a store visit. But she gets tired of little kids sitting on her lap and decides to go shopping instead. The store kicks her out and she’s a little too busy wallowing in self pity to notice Santa’s arch-nemesis, the Blizzard Wizard, on all the TVs claiming victory over her jolly father. When she gets a grip she heads back to the North Pole to save Christmas, and maybe even get some recognition for once.

Jing’s many escapades always end in an almost disaster but somehow surrounded by a team of unlikely friends from weird uncle Krampus to Polly Green, the Halloween witch, to Hipster elf Eddie – she manages to save the world. It’s all in day’s work for a misunderstood teenager trying to live up to an impossible legacy.