Jigsaw Man


Created by Kris Oprisko.

Memento meets The Bourne Identity in this psychological thriller following an amnesiac homeless man on the run. Known as Jigsaw Man, his memory comes in fragments. When he finds himself on the run from an ex-KGB agent hellbent on revenge, all he can do is run. His only glimmer of redemption is to solve a puzzling patchwork of tattoos, which appear on his body in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.

Officer Rachel Donovan witnesses Jigsaw save a child from walking out into traffic – intrigued she approaches him to discover a lucid, scared and terribly alone homeless man. She arranges shelter for Jigsaw at a nearby flophouse but as Jigsaw arrives, he is recognized by Yevgeny Stavrogin, a collector for Bright Dawn, an organization of ex-KGB responsible for the city’s rampant parade of drugs, violence, and prostitution. Yevgeny follows Jigsaw to his room and a struggle ensues.

Jigsaw kills Yevgeny right there in his dim, drab room and instantly, one of Jigsaw’s many tattoos sparks to life right before his eyes, inking in a picture of Yevgeny and four accomplices. This jogs a memory in Jigsaw, seeing himself watch as the same group murders a wife and child. Before he can make sense of it, Yevgeny’s henchmen appear. Jigsaw escapes into the alley and runs for his only friend: Officer Donovan.

After hearing Jigsaw’s story, Rachel does some digging and discovers a lost FBI file about an undercover agent, Preston Banks, who went missing years ago after infiltrating Keranenko’s operation, and clues begin to start pointing towards answers. Could Jigsaw be Preston Banks?? Or does Jigsaw’s uncanny ability to murder in cold blood spill a different set of secrets?

Whatever the next piece if, they need to find it fast as news of Yevgeny’s death has reached Vitaly Keranenko and now he has a score of his own to settle with Jigsaw.

Piece by piece, Jigsaw and Rachel uncover a spellbinding, twisted tale of corruption, murder, and lies. As questions find answer and the puzzle fills in, will Jigsaw like what he sees in himself?