Jackboot and Iron Heel


Created by Max Millgate.

John Carpenter’s The Thing meets the Great Escape in Jackboot & Ironheel, a rollicking tale of adventure and horror about good, evil, and the heavy cost of being a hero. In a world ripped apart by the horrors of World War II, one man is about to discover that Nazis are actually the least of his problems.

Eddie Neale earned the nickname Ironheel and reputation for being almost supernaturally lucky while playing striker for the West Ham United football club in 1939. Expecting to make a name for himself in the Royal Air Force after the outbreak of World War II, Neale’s luck seems to run out when his plane is shot down over Germany and he’s fished from the wreckage of his plane by Nazis.

The Nazis take Neale to Lungotz Luftzig, a lonely prison camp housed in an old castle nestled deep in the snowy mountains of Germany. A convent before the war, nuns still wander the dark hallways of the castle, bearing witness to the atrocities of their Nazi occupiers. But the soldiers of the Third Reich aren’t the only monsters who walk these halls.

During his first night in captivity, Neale is approached by an emaciated guard named Muggenthaler, but when he asks his captors about him the next morning it sends a wave of fear through the Nazis in the camp. Muggenthaler was a useless soldier who disappeared three months back and was presumed dead, and his reappearance isn’t the first strange thing that’s happened around the castle. In the woods, animals are turning violent, strange figures have been seen lurking between the trees, and the soldiers fear there’s something wicked living deep within the lake just outside the castle walls.

Neale, who fancies himself as somebody with a lot of living left to do, begins planning his escape. But he won’t be doing it alone. Along with Sister Evangeline, a beautiful young nun who sees something special in Neale, and Gunther Von-Kleist, a 15-year-old German soldier who’s taken a liking to the charming, sarcastic Englishman, Neale will try to learn the rules of his new world and figure out how to break them to his advantage — if he can survive long enough to do it.

Lungotz Luftzig is run by Gunther’s uncle Kommandant Von-Kleist, a cruel, sadistic man who doesn’t hesitate to execute his own soldiers for insubordination. In light of the strange happenings in the woods, Von-Kleist has been ordered to decommission the camp, and another prisoner is the last thing he needs right now. In order for Von-Kleist to complete his task, Eddie Neale has to die – after they figure out if he knows anything important, of course. In order to escape his haunted, Nazi-filled prison, Neal will have to work with the nuns to defeat his captors and figure out how to break a curse that has sat over the castle for 500 years.

Sometimes we have to leave our dreams behind to meet our destiny. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the greater good. A chronicle of one man’s struggle for survival against Nazis and other indescribable monsters, Jackboot & Ironheel is a thrilling story about deception, sacrifice, and the true meaning of being a hero.