Jack Avarice is The Courier


At its heart, it’s a fun spy-action book and so much more. … This book is NOT Danger Girl without hot women, it’s NOT Chuck, it’s really unlike anything that I’ve come across before. But, what it is, is pure 100% AWESOME. — Geeks of Doom


Created by Chris Madden.

Jack Avarice is that average schmuck you see in the mirror every day. Sure, he may be thinner than you, and be better looking than you, and he probably has a lot more money than you. Heck, now that you think about it, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy after all. No student loans that we know of, no kids, no mortgage…. man, Jack Avarice is living the life… He even wakes up in interesting places – like Hawaii, where his drinking binge has landed him across the table from a large Russian sailor. The two have been swapping stories, but when it comes for Jack to really dish the details, Jack reveals he’s not really anyone – just a regular guy who has always dreamed of a life of adventure.

That is until The Fox bursts into the bar and collapses in the doorway of the bar with a knife in his back. With his dying words, The Fox gives Jack his gun, telling him that the mission is now his to complete, and Jack immediately finds himself in a standoff with men who tell him that he is in over his head — and he couldn’t agree more! Fortunately, his Soviet friend and the convenient arrival of The Fox’s comrades help him escape.

Jack learns that The Fox was Berenger Avarice, a brother whom he didn’t even know existed. Both he and their father were Couriers, members of a UN-operated spy organization who protect the world from evil. In bequeathing Jack his gun, The Fox made him the newest Courier, a position he was always meant to hold, though nobody in his family ever told him about it. Jack is partnered with Sam Kind, a beautiful, talented spy in her own right, who was hoping to be the next Courier herself.

But no time for that, there’s a world to save! Together, Jack and Sam investigate The Fox’s last message, “Code Spectre,” a warning about a threat to the world, which takes them to India. Here Jack and Sam learn the story of Lucian Malice, an agent who, along with four other Couriers, crash-landed on an uncharted island. One of the Couriers? Alexander Avarice, Jack’s father! On this island, Lucian discovered the Eyes of Fate, which bewitched him into murdering his companions, and learned of the Skull of Ix, an artifact that gives its holder the ability to master death itself! With the Eyes of Fate in hand, Lucian can take command of the Skull, but not if Jack and Sam can get to it first!

As their race for the Skull gets them pursued, shot at, sabotaged, and almost seduced, Jack finds that he has skills he can’t explain and a talent for espionage that he never would have suspected (or did all those Magnum episodes pay off?), but despite all this new found talent, he feels unworthy of shooting the gun that his brother gave him.

Can Jack make it to the Skull first, and save the world from Lucian’s evil schemes? Will he be able to live up to the Avarice name and become a true Courier? Or will he never be able to use the gun that is his by birthright? James Bond meets Indiana Jones in Jack Avarice is the Courier—a fun, sexy, spy romp about living up to family, legacy and finding the hero inside.