Invasion ’55


Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by Lito Fernandez.

Can you think of a better time for an alien invasion than Halloween 1955? Neither can Chuck Dixon, and he proves it with Invasion ’55. Invasion ’55 assembles a rag-tag crew of would-be heroes for the ride of their lives, as they do their dead level best to save the small town of Hidalgo, New Mexico from a Martian invasion.

In a sleepy town of Hidalgo, aliens have been dragging the innocent townspeople underground. What’s in store for them there? Just an enormous, tentacled monster intent on transforming Earth’s atmosphere to meet the needs of the faceless Martian hoardes.

But who in this one stop light town can stop these merciless Martians?

Well…. there’s Ricky, a James Dean type, Lieutenant Holman, a past his prime Air Force pilot who thinks he’s Top Gun, Dewey, Holman’s well-intentioned buddy, Cynthia Davenport, a fast-talking, no nonsense reporter, and Jimmy, a young kid who dresses as a ready-for-action, gun-toting cowboy. What more could the fate of humanity ask for? One way or another, this grab-bag of humans is going to leave the aliens with a headache they won’t soon forget.

It’s up to our gang of misfits to figure out how to stop the monster before it’s too late! Now if they can just discover the Martian weakness in time. Our heroes, none of whom seem cut out to thwart an alien invasion, are assembled by happy misfortune in this zany take on War of the Worlds.

Larger than life, hard to believe, yet entertaining to its core, Invasion ’55 is a midnight sci-fi movie you watched when your parents went to bed. Will the hapless heroes discover the aliens’ weakness soon enough to save humanity? Stay tuned to find out!