Infinite Kung Fu


The best elements of horror, Westerns, and of course, kung fu films are seamlessly interlaced to tell a highly imaginative tale. You couldn’t sandblast the smile from my face as I read this. — Ain’t It Cool News


Created by Kagan McLeod.

Named one of the best graphic novels of the year by Publishers WeeklyHeeb Magazineio9CNNComic Book ResourcesComplexUSA TodayForbidden Planet InternationalIFCComicsAlliancePaste, and Graphic Novel ReporterInfinite Kung Fu is a deliriously high octane ride through a Martial World ruled by a mysterious kung fu emperor whose multiple armies are each headed by a cruel and highly skilled master – and left unchecked, they are going to destroy the world and each other. Allegiances are blurred as techniques are perfected, and with each battle, it gets harder and harder to determine who is a friend and who is a foe.

Picture a primitive, almost medieval future. Science and technology are relics of the past. There’s no such thing as law and order. Even the dead aren’t truly dead—their spirits simply fight to inhabit living bodies. Only the fittest survive – and the fittest are generally the best at martial arts. The way of the fist is a way of life.

A group of Eight Immortals are trying to bring balance back to the world but their efforts are complicated by the ghost of an evil emperor who has commanded his armies on a mission to find his missing armor. The armor will give him life, restoring his original form and allowing him to lay waste to the earth.

In order to halt the emperor and his soldiers, each Immortal has selected one human student to perfect the art of combat. But of these eight students, one dies and five turn to the dark side thanks to the teachings of ‘poison kung-fu,’ leaving all hope for the world’s future with the Immortal’s two remaining students: Moog Joogular, a jive-talking afro-sporting former rock star who fights the good fight and Yang Lei Kung, a former soldier of the emperor and pupil of the chief Immortal who has been newly recruited.

But who is this skilled new recruit and where did he come from? Lei Kung emerged from within the emperor’s army but soon became disillusioned with it’s cruel regime. Taken in by Chung Li Chu’an, the leader of the Immortals, Lei Kung is trained to carry out the Immortal mission to save the world. Li Chu’an believes Lei Kung is the “chosen one” and will overthrow the emperor. Indeed, Lei Kung is young, strong and committed to mastering kung fu. But he’s easily frustrated and reluctant to give up vices from his past life. He loves wine and women, despite the knowledge that they will prevent him from reaching enlightenment. To overcome evil and restore the Great Balance, Lei Kung must keep his soul pure.

Expansive, entertaining, and full of pretty much everything you could love about kung-fu stories, Infinite Kung Fu twists and turns as it follows Lei Kung and Moog Joogular’s butt-kicking quest to save humankind. Severed limbs fly through the air and blood gushes in fountains as Lei Kung endures attacks from the undead and the living alike. He struggles to stay true to the Immortals and maybe even save those who’ve been misguided by poison kung-fu. And just like any ‘chosen one’, he won’t be able to save the world until he saves himself.