Two brilliant but misunderstood scientists unlock the mystery of man’s dual nature. They succeed, unleashing a murderous beast on a terrified city. As suspicion and treachery grow, the startling secret of the beast’s origin is revealed.


Created by Steve Niles.

Two genius brother scientists have been tasked with creating the ultimate anti-depressant but the window is rapidly closing for success, and test subjects are few and far between. They have one last shot at success but it’s going to require a little unconventional experimentation, and the disastrous results will send us spiraling down a dark trail of carnage that peels the human experience back to ask: what darkness lies in man?

Doctors Robert and Henry Jekyll are unparalleled in their brilliance and their ingenuity. Together, they own their own company, Jeckyll and Jeckyll Pharmaceuticals, and they’ve been hard at work on an “anti-depressant for the masses, a chewable happy pill.” But their research is about to be undermined when Todd Lloyd from Pharmacorp, believing the project is ludicrous, manage to have their funding pulled months before the slated end of the project. Left with no other options, Robert and Henry create a test sample of the drug big enough for two test subjects – and with only themselves left to save their life’s work they take their “happy’ pill.

Awakening from a blackout, the Jekyll brothers find carnage everywhere: their lab has been demolished, they’re beaten to hell, and someone has butchered Todd Lloyd along with his entire family. The police already have reason to suspect the Jekylls of killing Todd. They have a great motive and as neither have any memory from the night before, there’s no solid alibi. In the midst of trying to piece together their missing memories, Robert begins hearing whispers in his thoughts calling for blood and confesses to Henry something neither want to admit: their drug is addictive as hell. The brothers resolve to press on and alter the drug while they’ve still got time, but the window is closing rapidly and the police are hot on their trail.

That same evening, the brothers’ receptionist Kelly and her fiancé Scott are raped and murdered in a grizzly and horrifying fashion..A beast of a man calling itself Hyde emerges from the carnage, managing to take down several police officers in his espace. Back at the Jekyll’s laboratory, Hyde slowly morphs back to being a Jekyll and the brothers realize that they desparate need a plan. Henry waits at the lab for the inevitable police raid, while Robert turns himself in for questioning. As Robert stalls the police, the trap is set: when the police raid Jeckyll and Jeckyll Pharmaceuticals, they discover the horrible truth: inside both brothers, Hyde lies in wait. With the police forces split between the lab raid and the station, the brothers are able to overpower and slaughter them easily. With their pursuers dead and imbued with impossible strength, Robert and Henry intend to meet up and head off to “anywhere they like,” but Robert has business to attend to first…

Hyde is a fast-paced, brutal, and unforgiving dive into the human condition that dares to hold us up to a mirror and question: do we like what we see? In the Jekyll brothers’ pursuit to completely isolate the two opposite emotions from one another in the human brain, the brothers create two entirely separate entities, both equally human, but one unremittingly monstrous. Steve Niles and Nick Stakal’s vision provides a macabre look at what human beings are capable of, and a foreboding message about the dangers of refusing to acknowledge emotional intelligence. When one tries to section off the unsavory parts of human existence, what contrast does that leave left for the good in man?