Hot Damn


Damnation is somehow weirder and more mundane than you’d expect in Hot Damn, where a self-absorbed new arrival in Hell gets a grip on his new reality.


Written by Ryan Ferrier. Illustrated by Valentin Ramon. 

Damnation is somehow weirder and more mundane than you’d expect in Hot Damn from Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon. A self-absorbed new arrival in Hell gets a quite a grip on his new reality in this series that called ‘pure, gross fun.’

Teddy Graham—yes, like the crackers—partied, drank and drugged his way through a fortune he didn’t earn straight into an early grave and a one-way ticket to Hell. Hell, it turns out, is a lot like any grimy old city anywhere, just peopled by twisted demons and the damned. Oh, and the demons don’t like it when you swear.

Hell has assigned Teddy a mentor, Costello, who’s full of bad advice on how to get adjusted to eternity in Hell. First order of business: keep on partying and forget about your life and your sins. Problem is that doesn’t mesh so well with Teddy’s mandated therapy sessions, led by a goat-headed demon named Abaddon. Abaddon has high hopes for Teddy, but Costello just wants someone to tear it up with.

Costello takes Teddy’s spirit back to the real world for some good old fashioned possession fun and its all a barrel of laughs until Teddy gets a glimpse of the one good thing from his old life: his fiancée Maria. Heaven and Hell both take notice of their unauthorized jaunt and the pig-demon cops of Hell come to take them in. Teddy is brought to the big evil himself: Satan, though he prefers to go by Joe. Satan tells Teddy he has potential, whatever that means, but he and Costello still have to pay for their crime.

After bizarre and cruel punishments from the demon torturer Belphegor, Teddy and Costello go on a bender to recover. The next morning, Teddy wakes up in the wreckage that passes for Costello’s apartment. While rifling through his demon buddy’s porn collection, he finds instructions for the rite of possession. If he can get the thing translated, he just might be able to get back to Earth and make amends with Maria.

Teddy is on a twisted journey of self-discovery that comes too late to be worth a damn. Hot Damn is Preacher from the perspective of a powerless sucker trapped in a hell that he created.