An anthology of horror stories with a pinch of black humor from the legendary Steve horrific Niles; straight horror, scifi, urban, even zombies all in one place – there is something for everyone in this blood curdling collection.


Written by Steve Niles. Art by Josh Medors and Alex Garner.

Horror legend Steve Niles presents Horrorcide, an anthology of horror with a dark sense of humor.


An army of heavily armed femme-bots is melting the faces off of the last remnants of humanity with their looks and their weapons. A young man struggles to find the strength of will to fight these beautiful killers in this gory tale.

Torg’s Big Day

Scientists bring a Cro-Magnon man forward in time 35,000 years to use him to save humanity from a deadly virus. Chaos ensues when they fail to sedate him. All they need is his blood and he just wants to go home.

Making Amends

When a criminal wracked by guilt visits the graves of those he’s wronged, his victims crawl out of their graves, seeking vengeance on their murderers.

Neigborhood Creep

The kids in his neighborhood call old William Milton Willie the Creep. They say he tortures and cooks up little kids. When Willie catches young Mike and Rodney sneaking around his back door, they may just learn whether there’s any truth to these malicious rumors.

Horrorcide provides a diverse set of compact horror tales with gruesome glee. Zombies, pulpy sci-fi action and creepy urban folklore nestle together in this grisly collection. Death by horror never looked so good.