Home Time


Australian cartoonist Campbell Whyte makes his jaw-dropping debut with this kaleidoscopic saga and love letter to the fantasy worlds of the 80s and 90s, all bound together with whimsy and heart.


Created by Campbell Whyte.

Meet Australian twins David and Lilly Watanabe and their best friends in the whole world – streetwise Ben Miller, the painfully shy Amanda Holm (who has a very secret crush on David), hyperactive Nathan Dermott (who has a not-so-secret crush on Lilly), and Laurence Baudin, a dreamer who always has his nose in a book. It’s the last day of primary school and the end of seven years of their little group being almost inseparable, because when the summer ends, the kids are going to different high schools. In the back of their minds they know that means making different friends, seeing different faces, and moving on to different things, but for now there’s not time to worry about it because they’ve got something else to focus on – an epic, three-day long sleepover to celebrate the end of school!

While on their way to the Watanabe twins’ house to embark on an epic weekend of fun, the group falls into a river while trying to rescue Lilly’s puppy, which jumped in. Rather than making their way back to shore, however, the group awakes in a very different location – a magical village in the heart of an impossible forest filled with kaleidoscopic plants and mythical beasts. This is the Forest of Peaches, and the pint-sized villagers who make their home there believe that the children are forest gods sent from on high to guide them!

At first, being worshiped as a deity seems amazing. Every whim they have is taken care of, and they are given an incredible hollowed-out tree filled with amazing rooms and wonders to call their own. But the group quickly learn that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when they find out that the villagers want them to defeat the Lizard Empire, a mysterious group of creatures who make their home deep in the woods outside of town. For now, the Forest of Peaches is protected by the Woven Wall, a tall wall of twisted roots and plants that surrounds the village, but a darkness is building outside of it – and if the kids don’t do something about it soon, their lie will be exposed to the whole village.

As the group stays in the Forest of Peaches and tries to figure out what to do, tensions begin to build between them as some want to go home and some want to stay. And when David and Nathan sneak outside the wall to go exploring, they discover that the villagers aren’t all they say they are, and that the real danger may actually be inside the Woven Wall! Now, they must figure out who they can trust as they try to make it back home.

Stand By Me meets Alice in Wonderland in Home Time, a wildly imaginative coming-of-age tale set in a fantasy landscape filled with magical creatures, mysterious secrets, and hidden dangers. Described by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Shaun Tan as “Beautifully realized, funny, smart, weird and surprisingly epic in scope,” Home Time is a wild adventure through a magical land that is also a poignant exploration of the shelf life of young friendships and how growing up can sometimes mean growing apart.