Helena Crash


Written by Fabian Rangel Jr. Art by Warwick Johnson Cadwell.

The last, sweetest (or most bitter, depending on how you take it) vice has been outlawed: coffee. Now it’s up to former professional racer and current coffee and rare items delivery driver Helena Crash to save the day—with caffeine!

The planet’s changed over the last few decades: The environment’s gone to hell, people actually care about VHS again, humanoid pufferfish pick fights in bars, and, of course, five years ago coffee was outlawed because the riots over what was left were getting out of hand.

Which brings us to now, and why Helena Crash is in a car chase with Los Fantasmas, a gang of scavengers who want to take, well, whatever she has (in this case, coffee). Too bad for them that she’s both a better driver and a better shot.

Plus, she’s working for Rojo, the second most dangerous crime boss in the city, the kind of guy who doesn’t appreciate failure. It isn’t long before his requests for coffee escalate into requests for the head of his greatest rival, the White Demon.

And it’s an even shorter time until Helena’s work for Rojo attracts the eye of the White Demon herself, who also has a job for her—to track down a vintage VHS tape, and then, if Helena proves competent, to kill Rojo.

With both spurned gang leaders after her, it isn’t long before everyone is on a collision course with our talented and bombastic heroine. There’s a reason why they call her Helena Crash!

Helena Crash is about all the best things: coffee, street racing, tigers, luchador masks, action figures, VHS tapes, coffee, robots, wolfmen, video games, turtlenecks, coffee, boxing, cool cars, explosions, pawn-shop-owning gorillas, and did I mention coffee?